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Australia is famous for its amazing summers, but the colder months can also be very chilly indeed! So when it's time to warm your home and keep your family or staff comfortable, there's no better, efficient or stylish way to do it than with a Heat n Glo fireplace.

Never considered putting in a fireplace before? There really is nothing better - especially when you can match whatever home, style preference, lifestyle, decor and budget with something from the Heat n Glo range at House of Home.

Heat n Glo lead fireplace innovation

Need a luxury, innovative and super-contemporary fireplace solution? One that reminds you more of classical, character-bursting yesteryear? Or a freestanding fire or even wood stove? Heat n Glo, started by a couple of American brothers over 40 years ago, can give you it all and more with a high-quality product all wrapped up with true value for money. Ron & Dan Shimek understood just as House of Home do that there's no toastier and efficient form of heat than a fireplace - let alone the most beautiful solution for your home's looks and value.

Why put in a Heat n Glo fireplace? A fire simply brings luxury and ambience to every room it fills with its brilliant heat. Winter can often be dreary, but snuggling around a Heat n Glo fireplace is now easy and simple with the innovative and safe gas and wood solutions that we provide at House of Home.

Surprise yourself with Heat n Glo's style

A gas log fire might seem out of reach for you, but Heat n Glo has a range of solutions that will not only surprise you in terms of price but blow you away with its aesthetics as well as ease and simplicity of use. Heat n Glo are able to make these products thanks to decades of industry experience, dating back to when Ron & Dan tinkered with fire designs in their garage in the mid-70s. Little did they know then that their brand would become an absolute world leader in fireplaces.

Actually, Ron & Dan weren't interested in buzzwords like 'innovation' - they just envisaged one day presenting an amazing range like the one you can see at House of Home. But in reality, innovation is at the heart of Heat n Glo, borne out by revolutionary products like the direct vent gas fire that means you can put in a fireplace just about anywhere in your house.

Heat n Glo is a great heating choice

But of course, Heat n Glo isn't the only way to keep your house toasty, as we explore in our blog which includes helpful tips that will make your fireplace work even more efficiently! You can also find decorative heaters, freestanding solutions, and of course modern electric, panel and reverse cycle heaters - plus more - right here at House of Home, so start your browsing today.