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Garden Glory was born when we moved into our very first house on the Onsala peninsula on the Swedish west coast.

To see the house was to love it. It was a place of great charm, with a lovely patio and a stunning garden. A wonderful outdoor environment where we immediately envisioned ourselves surrounded by the warmth of friends and family.

But then I saw it – that dull green garden hose, with its orange connectors and rusty wall bracket, that just screams “Ugly! Ugly! Ugly!”. It destroyed the whole feeling, shattered the vision.

However, we decided to buy the house on one condition, the garden hose had to find a new home. My suggestion: in the garbage …

I set out to buy a new hose.

I searched a number of different stores; looking for finer one. Perhaps with a white tube, which I thought would match the house perfectly. To my disappointment, everything looked the same: Green, green, green and orange, with giant ugly wall mounts.

Disappointed, I almost gave up. But it was hard to let go of the idea of a white garden hose. I really wanted one. I dug deeper, examined the case more thor- oughly and found – to my fascination – that no one made any stylish garden hoses. But judging from the garden blogs and forums, there was a huge demand.

So, I decided to do it myself.

Garden Glory® was born. To be the luxurious designer alternative for outdoor appliances.

Why settle for something ordinary?

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