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Franke - where everything is the kitchen sink!

We're pretty sure you would have seen or heard of the Franke name in and around classy and contemporary kitchens - no matter where you are in the world. That's because this Swiss company is nothing short of being the absolute global leader in intelligent kitchen products in every corner of the world, having made their first functional and high-quality sink almost 100 years ago.

Franke - where the kitchen sink is everything

You'll also find taps and other domestic kitchen systems in the Franke range, but quite honestly, everything is the kitchen sink when it comes to Franke! It is the biggest kitchen sink supplier on the planet, and therefore also the leader in the sort of research and development that goes into making sinks that are smart, innovatively designed and made of the newest materials.

Franke, having been founded and established in the early years of the 20th century, was at the forefront as the humble kitchen sink moved from those clumsy, huge, ugly wall-fixed tubs with a wooden drainer to the sophisticated, stylish and yet still totally practical part of every contemporary kitchen.

Choose the world's most trusted kitchen name

Franke sinks are as attractive and even trendy as they are functional - not to mention flexible! In the huge range presented right here at House of Home, you can find Franke sinks and products in all of the cutting-edge, established and innovative colours, formats and styles, produced in the colours and materials that you need and want for your perfect kitchen. If there's something old and classical or something brand new and innovative in the world of kitchen sinks you have your eye on, be sure that Franke got there first!

The best test of Franke's effectiveness over the past years is the number of kitchen users who trust Franke products - and compared to any other kitchen manufacturer, there are simply more trusted Franke kitchens in the world. That sort of record is only possible if expertise is delivered reliably, year in and year out. Businesses who rely on Franke love their sinks because they're reliable, and domestic customers love them because they make life easier and being in the kitchen more pleasant in every way.

Franke - the kitchen sink and everything else!

The level of investment and technological innovation made possible only by Franke's status as the world's major sink producer means the Swiss company is able to also deliver taps, waste disposers and kitchen accessories and solutions that have the same reputation for quality, reliability and style.

Here at House of Home, we caught up with kitchen design expert Robyn Davis to talk about how important the sink really is when it comes to your functional and stylish kitchen. In our blog, we also present a range of kitchen layout options that could perfectly complement your new Franke sink and accessories.