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Faucet Strommen Bathroom Products


Faucet Stroment - Australian Quality and Style

If you are after the highest quality, most stylish Australian designed and made bathroom accessories and tapware to complete your bathroom, then look no further than Faucet Strommen. Located in Victoria's Murray Valley is the entire Faucet Strommen operations, comprising design, assembly, quality control, sales and despatch.

Faucet Strommen - committed to Australia

Faucet Strommen is not only committed to Australia by employing skilled Australians, it is the best choice for quality and service and cutting edge performance and products. Faucet Strommen is also committed to sustainability and the environment, constantly researching new technology and materials to keep making beautiful products that are ever more efficient.

Faucet Strommen: all about bathroom style

Faucet Strommen is all about style, so you can be sure that all the latest architectural and design trends are up to date so that your project can be completed with either the best traditional fashions or the ultra-modern ideas of the moment.

Faucet Strommen cares about the environment

Faucet Strommen cares about the environment, putting a lot of research and effort into water-saving technologies that never scrimp on the final quality, functionality and - importantly - beauty. The Pegasi range, for example, which is available at House of Home, has state of the art valves that save considerable amounts of water each day, while other Faucet Strommen products also attract 6-star WELS (water ratings) endorsement.

Plan your dream bathroom with Faucet Strommen

Browsing the Faucet Strommen range at House of Home is the easy way to plan your bathroom renovation so that your project looks fantastic, works perfectly and doesn't break the bank. No matter the time and budget you have available, the size, layout and style of your bathroom, or the scale of your dream finished product, Faucet Strommen is the ideal range to choose from.

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