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Electrolux Home products


Passion and innovation with Electrolux

Whether you want your fridge to be the ultimate, state-of-the-art and beautiful modern feature of your kitchen, or a sleek design that expertly moulds into the background of your all-important decor, House of Home's range of top-of-the line Electrolux products is what you need. Electrolux fridges compare favourably to all of the others on the market.

Kitchens look best with Electrolux

Electrolux also knows all about what makes kitchens look their best, and now you can easily browse House of Home's expansive range and find what you are looking for. Electrolux cooking solutions are stylish and only the most bold and modern, packed full of stunning design features in all the latest ovens and cooktops. Can't find what you need? Check out House of Home's entire range of kitchen appliance solutions.

Design styling meets high performance

Perhaps it's your in-house cleaning problems that you will solve in style with Electrolux, thanks to House of Home's huge range. Electrolux started out with just one vacuum cleaner more than 100 years ago, but now the range is as broad as it is impressive in its design styling and practical high performance for any imaginable need. Got your new Electrolux product, finished the vacuuming and want to be ready for a full spring clean? Check out our helpful guide.

Spoil your laundry with Electrolux

When it comes to your laundry, your clothes need attention to detail and you'll find the solution you need in Electrolux. House of Home presents Electrolux's range that treats what you wear with the care and respect they deserve, while packing design features that make washing and drying clothes easy, rather than a chore. House of Home wants to make it easy to remember that forgotten room of your home, so check out our complete laundry guide.

All of Electrolux's products, including all the smaller but no less important household appliances and product accessories, combine innovation with ergonomic design and the ideal solution for all of your needs around your home.