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With a rich history stretching all the way back to 1875 and the first orders to the upper classes in The Hague, Eijffinger is now renowned around the world for spectacular wallcoverings and distributed in dozens of countries. A reputation for unique wallpaper designs and exceptional quality lasts until today, with the core ideas of exclusive and eye-pleasing collections bringing out personalities and leaving rooms buzzing with style still just as strong.

Eijffinger a leader in interior design

Eijffinger remains a leader in the realm of brilliant interior design, with an emphasis on innovation, creativity and colour. Eijffinger's designs are bright, exciting and the highest of quality, with bright and bursting designs and totally unique styles setting the brand apart from its competitors. Those who love Eijffinger keep coming back for its palettes of vivid colours and the brand's flair for excitement amid colours from the modern and eclectic to the most elegant of neutrals - this wallpaper is suitable for every room of your home or commercial space.

Eijffinger's stunning, decorative designs

Eijffinger designs its stunning, decorative wallpaper in its own studio in the Netherlands. The collections and styles vary from traditional vinyl and pearlescent finishes, to velvets and foils. Eijffinger designers have always been inspired by their imaginations of colour, romance, the cutting edge of fashion and classic beauty, with the goal to bring out the same panache within the personalities of those who complete their homes with their wallcoverings.