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Anne Black Home products


Stunning ceramics from Anne Black

Inspired by Nordic simplicity and Scandinavian design, Danish designer and ceramicist Anne Black is universally recognised for her handmade porcelain creations. Produced by hand with unimaginable craftsmanship, the collection has drawn praise from design experts and homeowners alike. Each piece is made under socially sustainable conditions through processes which conserve the environment.

House of Home carefully uses an appreciation for function, quality, and aesthetic value to select pieces that will add warmth and create ambiance in your home. Above, you’ll find a diverse range of vases, hanging and wall pots, jars and tea cups made from hand thrown porcelain and quality leather.

What makes this a truly unique range of homewares is the quirky door handles and wall hooks for the DIY enthusiast. Also made from handmade porcelain, the handles and hooks are glazed with multiple colours. Wall hooks look great mixed and matched in different sizes around the home; shop the tilt wall hooks in a range of three colours.

Plant life is incredibility important inside the house, as well as outside of it. The large hanging flowerpot in white will create light in dark corners and the greenery within will boost the vitality of a room. There’s a range of colours to choose from, such as a soothing coral hue and a fresh jade.

Alternatively, vases for less permanent floral arrangements also bring more life to a room. Extraordinary, one-off pieces such as the Woodlands vase, which shows traces of the deepest forests of Småland, Sweden, add a truly distinctive piece in the home.

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