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How To Deal With A Blocked Drain - House of Home | Furniture
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How To Deal With A Blocked Drain

For most home owners, having a blocked drainage causes serious discomfort because the repairs can range anywhere from minimal to huge expenses. However, these blockages can be prevented using these measures.

Locate the Main Water Line

In case of a pipe bursting or water backing up, locating the main line and shutting it down, reduces more damage. However, knowing where it is located is important. Some of the mains are located in the basement, garage or utility closet. Additionally, the other utilizes have individual valves which can be shut off in case of an emergency. If it’s hard to locate the main, get an expert plumber at Fixed Today to show you where it is and how it is operated.

Use Pressure

Blockage repairs can be prevented by pressurizing the sink. Fixed Today recommends filling the sink with water at least once after every two weeks. Then when you let it drain suddenly the pressure will unclog any debris in the pipe. You can also pour a kettle of boiling water down the drain. This will melt away any buildup of fat, grease and oil. Do the same in the bathtub and shower.

Identify What to Trash

Garbage disposal are good in keeping the drainages in proper working condition. However, not everything should be disposed off into it. Some foods which have tough fibers like peels from potatoes, yams, bones, celery, water melon and others, may not be fully chopped by the disposal blades. Additionally, large amounts of waste should not be pushed down the drain because it will also cause a blockage. To have your garbage disposal in good working condition, feed it gradually while the water is running. The water should run before the feeding starts, during and after finishing.

Check out and Compare

Compare how the sink drains after flushing the toilet or while in the shower. If the water tends to drain slowly or there is a backup then it could be signifying a blockage in the drainage system.

Check Usage and Quality

To know whether the plumbing system in your home is in good condition, Fixed Today recommends checking the water bill for any upper surge. If you notice the amount payable has increased and you can’t find any major reason, then most likely there is an underground leakage and the sprinkler pipes should be checked.

Reduce Pressure on the Line

In most cases the sewer has a pipe for cleaning out which has a cap. When you notice water backing up, remove the cap. If water comes out after removing the cap then it’s a sign there is need a blockage. It’s easy to locate the pipe for cleaning out because it’s white in color and on the surface. For the outside drainages, use a mesh where the pipe connects to the main drainage. This mesh will trap, dirt like leaves and anything else that might cause a blockage down the pipe. Ensure the pipes are regularly checked as this may help to prevent any emergencies in the future.