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Get into the Groove

September 03, 2013
Get into the Groove

Tane Furniture Design is a successful Australian furniture design studio based in Melbourne. The business is built around sustainable thinking; material choices, waste reduction in manufacturing and responsible after-life disposal of objects.

The Groove Range This rational is epitomised by the companies ‘Groove’ range of seating and lighting, produced from bamboo frames and recycled cardboard sections. The products are inspired by exploring the alternative use of everyday materials. The cardboard sections can be easily removed, recycled and replaced. The ‘Groove’ range is suitable for both residential and commercial interiors.

Groove by Tane Design Family Low Res

Sustainable Materials

The studio designs and develops high quality furniture, their designs are creative and unique, the difference is they substitute traditional materials with sustainable alternatives. The designers not only think about the assembly of the design but also the disassembly of the piece, they also think about what happens to the material after the products useful life is over, then they look and design with materials that can go back into the chain.

Who’s behind Tane Design?…Gary Pennington, an internationally renowned furniture designer with an amazing career that started in the UK, Gary was the first in-house designer to successfully develop his own design for the high end, furniture manufacturer. Penningtons’ Geo range was launched at the Worlds Trade Fair in Chicago 2001 and remained in the companies’ portfolio for over ten years. Gary’s success stems from being a hands on designer. Gary prides himself on being closely involved with every aspect of the design process. Of course there is also his vision and ability to produce furniture with an emphasis on sustainability, through his choice of material, the lifecycle of the piece, and how it will affect the environment. Tane design have designed and developed furniture for a number of prestigious Australian and global manufacturers, and their ranges are suitable for both Commercial and Residential use.

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Re-Loved Vintage Furniture

We are totally inspired by their Re – loved Vintage Furniture range. Beautiful Vintage pieces of furniture that have been given some love, everything from Dining, Occasional, Lounge and Reading Chairs. The Fabrics and the sustainable materials are selected from only Australian suppliers including hand printed fabrics and patterns, hemp and organic cottons.

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