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TOFFI Furnishings

June 27, 2014
TOFFI Furnishings

Furniture can make or break a room, without question. Larger pieces such as dining tables and chairs, television units and bed frames will normally settle into their chosen space and stay for some time (we all know homes that have stayed faithful to certain pieces for several decades!). Even more importantly, our furniture is a reflection of our style, and the look in which we love to surround ourselves. It’s little surprise, therefore, that custom built furniture is so coveted in Australian homes.

Antoinette, Bruno and their team at Toffi Furnishings know just how central personalised, tailored furniture is for the home. For over twenty years the two have been designing and building individual traditional and contemporary pieces from timber, stone, glass. Toffi knows just how much trust is invested in them to create what is more often than not a life purchase – it’s not something the team takes lightly. On the contrary, they’re privileged each and every day to deliver that very special something…

toffi coffee table

Uniquely designed coffee table made from a series of timber logs.

How do you create your own tailored furniture?

Every stage of the design, development and delivery process is handled by Toffi Furnishings. Clients will meet with Principle Designer Antoinette, and talk to her about the furniture they are after – its purpose, material, colour, finish, look and feel. From there they go through images of past designs that reflect elements of what they are after. They might borrow some elements from here, and some elements from there, or perhaps change that timber to this stone. They might select this design, but with two drawers instead of three, or a top from this table, but matched with legs from that… Once the creative dabbling is complete, and with Antoinette’s objective and expert help, they conjure a piece that is 100 per cent them.

Is there a Toffi soft spot when it comes to furniture?

If pushed the team at Toffi would probably confess to having a soft spot for dining tables. It would have to be the most used piece of furniture in the household; something that generally gives a lot of people pride and is that coveted item most homeowners love to showcase. It’s where it all happens – the family sharing, feasting, communicating and even fighting! In Antoinette’s mind, this would have to be the most gratifying piece of furniture to make for someone. Toffi has an extensive ‘Toffi Tables’ range that can be fully customised to suit any size, timber type and colour, as well as solids, veneers, smooth finishes and rough sawn.

toffi dining table 2

Beautifully designed and crafted timber dining table.

Making a mark with the right materials

Toffi Furnishings work with an array of beautiful (sustainable forest and recycled) Australian timbers – West Australian Jarrahs, American Oaks, Victorian Ash and Messmate, as well as more exotic grades such as Blackwood, Myrtle, Karri, Red Gum, Spotted Gum, Silky Oak and Sassafrass. The bespoke selection does not stop there – American Walnut, American Red and White Oak, English Oak, American Cherry, American Maple, European Beech and Wenge are also available, as are other materials including steel, glass, and stone.

The result – a truly bespoke piece that responds to every facet of its owner’s taste and needs.

Indeed, unique and beautiful Toffi pieces settle into their space as instant favourites, only to become more appealing and more loved with time.

Where is furniture customised?

It all happens at Toffi’s Mordialloc showroom. From living room furniture to bedroom freestanding and inbuilt pieces – this is the creative hub!

toffi dining chair

Beautifully upholstered dining chair available in a range of fabrics.

Tailoring Tips from Toffi Furnishings

Antoinette has been responsible for literally thousands and thousands of furniture designs in her twenty years with Toffi Furnishings. Her tips for getting the right custom built furniture for your needs include:

  • Come with a collection of ideas – magazine cut-outs/ photos of that piece you saw on holidays and loved, etc
  • Measuring is important! Don’t forget it’s not just about measuring the space your furniture needs to fill, but also the doors and areas it needs to squeeze through!
  • It is always useful and time saving to bring in or email through prior a quick sketch of the areas, and to mark existing windows doors light switches and power points
  • It also helps to have a bit of an idea of what will be contained in certain furniture – eg some knowledge about platter sizes or media consoles is a great help.
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