Soccer Inspiration

June 27, 2014
Soccer Inspiration

It’s the most popular sport in the world and whether you call it football or soccer, one thing’s for sure; you can’t escape the fact the 2014 FIFA World Cup has finally landed. It feels a little like the world has descended on Brazil, and we couldn’t help but get caught up in the football fever as well.

So how does FurnitureExchange go all football?

The Soccer Sanctuary

To successfully remain glued to the FIFA World Cup, aside from brilliant soccer one needs an excellent television unit and the perfect couch. You won’t be getting up much at all (unless you’re a ‘physical’ spectator – see below) once you’ve settled in, so the deeper the couch cushions, the better. Given Brazil is on an entirely different time frame to us, then chances are you could well fall asleep as you wait for your matches to cross live. A throw may therefore become critical for keeping you snug and toasty while you wait for football fever to hit your screen.

Berkowitz corner lounge

Gold corner lounge by Berkowitz furniture.

Fly the flag

It just so happens that green and gold could be mistaken for Aussie pride, or for two-thirds of the Brazilian national flag (which also features blue). Tapping into some patriotic pride (or showing a sign of respect to the host nation) by giving your interior a punch of green, gold or blue might not only refresh your décor, but put all family members and visitors into the soccer swing of things!

Take it outside

Those of us with serious soccer mad partners at home will understand just how sensitive a time this can be – for household contents. If you or your partner is prone to physically responding to a goal, a foul, a bad referee call, or you just get overwhelmed and want to have a kick of the ball yourself, then delicate household furniture (think grandma’s vase) can be under threat this time of year. Take it outside – get the right outdoor furniture for your home, and keep the skylarking away from fragile items!

green outdoor lounge

Green outdoor chaise lounge by The Foam Booth.

Now your home is all ‘footified’, there’s nothing left to do but sit back, enjoy and hope the Socceroos can pull a rabbit from the hat come round two!