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Modern Times

August 09, 2013
Modern Times

If the name’s Eames, Kristiansen, Wegner, Poulsen and Jacobsen mean anything to you then the chances are you’re familiar with mid-century modern design. And to know it is to love it. Some of the designs spawned from that era are still considered by some to be superior to current day alternatives, and the craftsmanship typical of that time is impeccable.

Modern Times, which is located on Smith Street in Fitzroy, is run and curated by the extremely knowledgeable couple of Joel and Amy Malin. What once was a pop-up in St. Kilda has now found a home at its current address. Joel and Amy’s ability to select a brilliant range of vintage pieces complemented by new artworks and homewares, largely from Australian artists and designers, is one of their real strengths and something that has helped this store earn it’s glowing reputation.

Original pieces are sourced from around the globe on a regular basis, which means you can’t go 10 paces through their store without stumbling upon something truly special and iconic. Rosewood sideboards, teak desks and buffets, leather bound recliners and elegant lamps are among the items on offer. The range speaks as much of quality as it does diversity.

If you’re looking to buy your own slice of history from this iconic era of furniture and object design then it’s hard to go past Modern Times.

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