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Siekaup Furniture

June 16, 2014
Siekaup Furniture

In the world of luxury motor vehicles, German design is synonymous with performance, quality and sophistication. It comes as little surprise therefore, that Germany’s furniture industry bears all the similar hallmarks of intelligent, understated, truly beautiful design.

Few retailers know this better than Siekaup, who have been selling high-end German designed and German made furniture for more than 20 years. One look at Siekaup’s collection and you are instantly transported to a cool Berlin pad, or a stylish Munich apartment – their pieces imbue contemporary class.

siekaup sofa

Siekaup Bruhl Sofa Bed in Yellow: a striking piece that epitomises Siekaup's design style.

Two of Siekaup’s most popular brands, Interlübke and COR, epitomise this handsome and thoughtful design. COR specialises in soft furnishings (sofas, upholstered suites, armchairs), whilst Interlübke are known for the distinct lines and understated sculpture of their wall units, book cases, etc. The two work together harmoniously to create a décor that is going look incredibly smart now, and well into the future.

Indeed, it’s a shift in German interior design that Siekaup has noticed over the years. Whereas once furniture pieces were so sculptural and perfect they bordered on art; now a more comfortable middle ground has been achieved between form and function. The change has proven particularly popular in Australia, where we embrace quality European design that is as practical as it is beautiful.

siekaup morning dew armchair

Siekaup Morning Dew Armchair: this beautifully designed chair can be produced in your choice of fabric or leather.

This is perhaps just one reason so many clients love and continue to return to Siekaup. The store’s return and referred clientele covet brands like COR and Interlübke, but also the technology behind multi-slat based beds and Latex mattresses. Clients confide in friends and family members that they’ve never slept better after their Siekaup purchase, word travels fast, and the store welcomes more and more visitors.

This is a store for home makers who aren’t fussed with what the Joneses are doing, and who would prefer to invest in contemporary yet timeless European pieces that are confident, quality and sure to impress now and well into the future.

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