Preparing For The Cold Months 

June 03, 2014
Preparing For The Cold Months

Batten down the hatches, layer up, light the fire, and wait out the next four months before daring to venture outside again… Or do the unexpected and spend just as much time outside now as you would in spring or summer.

It’s not something that occurs naturally to us Aussies – we love the great outdoors, but usually that comes with a warm weather caveat. Not so when you can create a snuggly, enticing space outside; somewhere that puts the warm into winter and the fun into freezing.

This will warm the cockles of your heart

Did someone say mulled wine with a bunch of friends? Pop on a Scandinavian skivvy and come on over! Outdoor bar settings are a great way to break the ice and entice people outside – there’s nothing quite like a dark ale or a big red to keep the chill off, and this is the perfect outdoor bar setting at which to make it happen!

Fancy a firepit?

Now this has us excited. A fire pit that looks more like an art installation, but is designed to deliver heat without the smoke, the spitting, the ash and the embers. Is this the ultimate in low-maintenance toastiness? Put this next to the outdoor bar setting and one might never actually go back inside…!

Fire Pits are not only stylish but create ambience and warmth. A great feature for entertaining!

Sizzling pizza

Did we say we might never go back inside? Well, now it’s confirmed. An outdoor area with its own high quality pizza oven adds charm, warmth and rustic ambience to any outside area. It also means a steady supply of scrumptious pizza to be enjoyed as you maybe watch the game outside, have a big al fresco meal with the family, or just graze with those previously mentioned drinks and mates… The picture keeps getting better and better!

*Home prepared pizza's please any crowd

Warmth afoot

A great way to get a little area cosy, and make it look incredibly sharp, is to lay a rug . This can be particularly handy on a patio to minimise cold draughts from travelling up. We love this punch of orange – nothing like a bright colour to pierce the cold and get us feeling upbeat.

Who said Winter had to had to be doom and gloom? Fight the cold with colour!

Snug as a bug in a Day bed

Don’t let the name fool you. Certainly a Day bed is great for soaking up those hot summer rays, but it’s equally appealing this time of year. We love the idea of lying in layers – maybe grab a great magazine, your latest novel and curl up to enjoy just how lovely the outdoors can be, even with a crispness in the air.

Embrace the outdoors with this Stylistic Melba Day Bed

Scatter cushions know no boundaries

How much do we all secretly covet a scatter cushion? Granted inside they may not have the most important function in the household, but outside in the middle of winter the odd scatter cushion here and there (certainly on that daybed!) is first and foremost a lovely warm snuggling accessory, but secondly makes an outdoor space look instantly charming and stylish.

Don’t disappear inside all winter long – use some of these ideas to get you and your family members out to enjoy other parts of your home not normally frequented in the cold. You’ll see your space in a whole new (warm) light!

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