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Geometric Prints 

May 29, 2014
Geometric Prints

Geometry. It conjures up memories of school and the ongoing battle with formulae- which side equals what, Pi and his infinite digits… Before a cold sweat dresses your furrowed brow at the thought of failed exams or misplaced calculators, it must be noted that all we’re going to talk about today is the artful use of geometric prints in interior design. And resume breathing…

Interior and product designers have been using geometric motifs in full force lately. We’ve seen a simplification in these designs, where traditional motifs in a tessellated form have been replaced with geometric shapes. However, this repetition is not governed by rigidity (cue maths teacher freak out) but an organic, artistic approach.

We’ve figured out a couple of ways for you to use geometric prints- without having it look like a harlequin exploded in your home.

The Bold and the Hexagonal.

rugs pixagon fenton PIXV 1b

rug icon fenton icondy 1b

geometric rug fenton Blooming 1b

rug fenton fenton icondyBLU 1b

Use a statement piece. Select a stunning rug finished in a bold, geometric design to add dimension and vibrancy to your interior. Taking this approach allows you the option to coordinate with timeless, neutral pieces. It also forms the basis of a strong colour palette. Accent your interior with touches of colour drawn from the statement piece. As the crux of your interior design, this is an extremely solid foundation.

Soften it Up.

Alska Becca Orange Arrows Front chair

apatchy ecoco

15 05 2014 2 59 46 PM

turner and lane patched neutrak

Find soft furnishings and beautiful upholstery with striking geometric designs. It's a safer, less committed way to mix and match prints. Play around with various colour combinations until you find the perfect character for your space. It's amazing how contrasting patterns can work together when colours are carefully selected. Give it a go and create a look that is unique to you and your home.

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