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Gumnut Furniture

May 28, 2014
Gumnut Furniture

Sitting out on the patio, glass in hand, watching the sun slip and smelling the food sizzling away on the BBQ... Few things feel more wonderfully Australian than moments like these. Whatever time of the year, we are a nation that relishes our outdoors and sometimes our favourite moments at home are in fact outside rather than in.

This is just one of the many reasons we’re now big fans of Gumnut Furniture.

We spend so much time labouring over the look and feel of our homes inside, but it’s outside that in fact merits equal attention. An Australian family owned business, Gumnut handcrafts outdoor, garden and patio timber furniture, and has been doing so in one guise or another since the 1950s. Gumnut may very well be all a home needs to achieve an instant, stylish outdoor freshen-up.

The Gumnut touch

We love a home with a tailored touch – a place that doesn’t jump on every fleeting trend but instead finds its style and confidence in enduring, timeless pieces. Gumnut settles beautifully into such homes. Pieces literally last decades and look as good years down the track as they do on day one in the Gumnut showroom.

Using traditional designs, Gumnut furniture is made from Kwila, a tropical timber selected for its durability as well as its natural beauty. The timber has a rich chestnut hue which gives it a high quality edge. The craftsmanship behind each piece is evident – features such as the unique knuckle joint (developed by Gumnut’s previous owner) deliver pieces with cleaner lines, fewer screws and a more seamless design overall. Those with a fine eye for quality furniture will recognise the ancient Mortise and Tenon woodwork joint technique, which is used throughout the Gumnut collection.

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Introducing the Burns and Reibelt families

Tom Scullin was in his late 70s when he realised he should probably think about retiring. He’d spent his whole life working with timber and he’d purchased Gumnut in the late 80s, where he’d worked ever since. He created the award-winning knuckle joint technique and was responsible for most of the timeless furniture design that exists to this day. But it was time to move on.

The Burns and Reibelt families stepped into Tom’s sizeable shoes, and continue his legacy to this day by producing high quality timber furniture that has remained true to the designs and techniques developed all those years ago by Tom. A father-and-son duo are employed at the Gumnut factory, on the same site as the showroom, and this is the team responsible for all furniture production. Co-owner Jeff Burns is responsible for the showroom and is a great source of knowledge and passion about all things timber and outdoor furniture.

But we won’t waffle on. There’s a glass of wine, a deck and a delightful Gumnut Squatter Chair waiting for us outside…

Ten great reasons to go Gumnut

  1. Australian owned and manufactured furniture – member of ‘Australian made’
  2. Timeless, beautiful designed furniture that blends beautifully with the Australian landscape, be it urban or outback
  3. Your home won’t look like the furniture has been sourced from a mass-manufactured products catalogue
  4. The person selling you Gumnut is likely to be Jeff the owner, who has a vested interest in making sure his customers are always satisfied
  5. Using robust and durable tropical hardwood, Kwila
  6. Employs ancient woodworking techniques, such as Mortise and Tenon
  7. Invented the knuckle joint – an award-winning, unique design that mimics the human joint and sees one piece of timber fit snugly into another
  8. Gumnut owners often don’t return for ten to 15 years, it takes that long for the product to need a refresh!
  9. Incredible depth of range – including tables, chairs (including the signature Squatter chair), benches, double chairs, coffee tables, day beds, bar stools, sun lounges, screens, fencing as well as maintenance products
  10. Most Gumnut furniture can be partially dissembled for transport anywhere in Australia (and re-assembling is quite low-maintenance)
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