Autumn Pastels

May 22, 2014
Autumn Pastels

Autumn’s here which means our home décor styling usually starts taking a turn towards rich reds, auburn oranges, warm yellows and forest greens to replicate the colour change of the Mother Nature this time of year. We begin to prep for winter hibernation by creating snug rooms that are so warm and cosy it’s easy for the whole weekend to go by without leaving the couch. While this innate behavior has been the way of design for years, do you really want to spend the next 4 months hidden away at home? Instead of a rich scheme of autumn leaf colours, we propose a fresh and invigorating Autumn Pastels palette that’ll make you want to get up off the couch and out in to the world. Check out these three living rooms that all pack a pastel punch.

Wild Pastels

This interesting lounge area has paired pastel tones with a strong timber presence for a natural autumn look. Powder blue is the main tone featured with a deep seated sofa, soft throw and 3 tone art piece. The soft raspberry pink armchair and peachy rug are a beautiful contrast that accent the pastel palette perfectly. The ides of cladding a wall and bulk head in timber may be daunting but in this room it has totally paid off. Finished with natural accents like the vase of wild flowers and rattan side table, this look ties together perfectly. This interior still has a warm and cosy feeling however the injection of fresh pastels and plenty of light has really lifted the mood of this autumn interior.

pastel timber room

Cool Pastels

An even balance or powder blue, mint green and pretty pink (plus a splash of citrus yellow) has been dispersed around this designer seating area. With enough lamps to light up the whole house and a mix of mid-century furniture and punchy prints, this space is full of character. This room has lots going on but what really makes it stand out is the blend of pastels with plenty of grey. The pastels play a beautiful contrast to the cool texture of the grey feature wall, flooring and sofa. The addition of other neutrals like white, black and timber all let the pastels really take a stand in this cleverly designed space.

Pastel mint

Pastel Pop

The best thing about pastels is that with their subdue tone and delicate colour, you can use them on mass without them being over powering. This soft pink feature wall creates a fun and playful atmosphere which is enhanced by the use of organic shapes throughout the room. The pink gallah painting, curved side table and open shelving system all pack a lot of personality while the use of different tones of pastel blue is a striking contrast to the pink theme. Colour blocking is always a fun and easy design trick and when playing with pastels, can be a great way to use plenty of different colours. The homeware pieces littered throughout the open shelving all showcase different pastel hues that collaborate the over all scheme for a cohesive design.

Bright Pastel

Pastel pieces for your home

Introduce some pops of pastel into your place with these beautiful pastel pieces.

The Assembly Hall cushion pink pastel

Coral Lines Round Cushion - The Assembly Hall

Siekaup sofa pastel blue

Morning Dew Sofa - Siekaup