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Jardan - Family Owned and Operated

August 06, 2013
Jardan - Family Owned and Operated

Jardan is a family owned and operated Australian furniture business and have been hand crafting exquisite, durable and incredibly comfortable furniture pieces since 1987. From humble beginnings, the brothers Garnham (Nick, Mike and Matt) have been inspired by the ‘relaxed Australian Lifestyle’ to which we all live and aspire to, too. Their philosophy coupled with quality materials is illustrated and enjoyed by everyone who owns one of their sofas, chairs, tables or beds. The brothers goals are simple, make locally, act mindfully and minimise waste, their plan is to become carbon neutral in 2013/14.

About the Empire Modular Sofa

The Empire Modular Sofa is, in our humble opinion the perfect accompaniment to the open plan lounge or living room to which we all crave. Sharp lines are softened by curved corners and a symmetry which is pleasing to the eye from any angle of the room. The full arms and relaxed low seat, make it one of the comfiest sofas you will sit, lay or sleep on. The Empire is one of largest modular sofas in the catalogue so if you have a large space this is the right sofa to share with your family. Should you be looking for a slightly smaller version, check out the Bosko, Coast or Nook models. The quality of the material is evident by its durability… something this author can qualify given the fact this sofa (at times) doubles as a trampoline for his two children. As the Garnham brothers state, they “only make furniture that lasts.” This is true. This is a wonderful piece of furniture that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. Whether your reading a book; watching a movie; or using it as a trampoline (which is not advised), you will enjoy living with and sharing the Empire Modular Sofa

Other Products

Jardan have a wide range of pieces to complete a space in your home. Be it a sofa, armchair, ottoman table or stool, you won’t have any regrets in your purchase decision should you choose to include one of these hand made furniture pieces in any room of your home.

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