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Neel Dey Furniture

April 15, 2014
Neel Dey Furniture

Storytelling, craftsmanship and a love of making are the key principles that drive the team at Neel Dey Furniture. Situated in a lofty workshop in Collingwood, Victoria, these local furniture makers invite you to be a part of the process. As you walk in, you’ll see their talented makers at work on the shop floor, refining the timeless pieces with the skill and passion found only in true craftsmen.

Neel Dey Furniture is the brand name of the partnership between Neel Dey and Vinko Markoski, formed in 2011. Their respective backgrounds in retail and furniture making are the foundations of this successful local business. Having been in the furniture industry for a combined 40 years, their partnership is one of true balance.

Each project is completed with exceptional attention to detail and a commitment to ensuring your story is told through their love for making striking recycled timber furniture.

Recycled timber banner ad 3 cities

Before they make, they seek.

In addition to being great makers, the team at Neel Dey Furniture have keen eyes for finding disused timber in surprising places. With a focus on sustainability and the love of a good story, they will use only recycled timber and nothing milled. Local Melbourne institutions including the MCG, the Old Stables at Flemington Racecourse and the Pipeworks are favourites of the team at Neel Dey Furniture.

Recycled timber of such vintage offers historical depth to each piece and a “mirage of texture”. The use of inlays creates a surface rich in story, brought back to life by great care and workmanship.

Neel Dey Commercial.

The team at Neel Dey formed a commercial division in response to Melbourne’s cafe culture. Their name was already known in the hospitality industry as one of their tables was featured on Masterchef - lucky enough to be graced by Jamie Oliver.

Offering a range of cafe and communal tables, each piece still carries with it the same care and precision found in their one-off dining tables. Projects include; Alehouse, Brunswick East Curry Nights, Brunswick East and Groove Train, Epping.

double panel dining table with distressed colours

Double Panel Dining Table

Furniture for Life.

Underlying the exceptional craftsmanship seen at Neel Dey Furniture is the ethos that they are making furniture for life. The use of hardwood and mortise and tenon joinery ensures structural integrity in their tables and furniture.

They create pieces informed by your life and story; they work with you throughout the process.

Triple panel dining table on timber box ends

Triple Panel Dining Table on Timber Box Ends

Blackbutt dining table on metal box ends

Blackbutt Dining Table on Metal Box Ends

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