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April 01, 2014

Since Kartell’s inception in 1949, the company has revolutionised the use of plastic in homewares and home furniture. Driven by a desire to innovate the use of plastic and make good design accessible, Kartell collaborates with a number of world class designers to create their iconic, original products.

Playful and unique, each product created brings joy to the user.

Kartell works with designers such as Philippe Starck (designer of the infamous Louis Ghost Chair), Ron Arad, Piero Lissoni, Alberto Meda, and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. These collaborations (and more) result in the exceptional execution of classic designs that marry form, function and fun in a seamless fashion.

The designs are instantly recognisable through the use of bold, vibrant colours and a hint of irony.

Happy 10th Birthday Bourgie... Ferruccio Laviani’s Iconic Piece.

Kartell Bourgie 01

To celebrate the 10th birthday of the original Bourgie Lamp, Kartell invited a number of world class designers to collaborate and present their “remix” of Ferruccio Laviani’s classic piece. On this tribute, a humbled Ferruccio Laviani states:

“I have always supported and promoted the ‘remix’ concept to explain that what I create is something that already exists but becomes something else through my revision of reality, my re-interpretation of things. I am honoured and flattered that some of the most influential contemporary designers offered to remix an object of mine.”

The unique designs were created by Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni, Mario Bellini, Eugeni Quitllet, Patrick Jouin, Philippe Starck, Front, Christophe Pillet and Ludovica + Roberto Palomba- huge names in the world of design. The traveling exhibition that will take place during 2014 will not disappoint, following this the pieces will be auctioned online for charity.

Kartell x Patricia Urquiola.

Kartell COMBACK 01

Patricia Urquiola has been designing for Kartell for the past eight years. Her use of padded upholstery, textural weaves and transparency offer delicacy to her original designs. By doing so, her works transcend the notion of plastic as an industrial and ‘machined’ material.

Urquiola’s designs include The Jelly Vase, T-Table, Usame, Clap, Frilly, Foliage, and the Comback Chair.

Space Furniture Australia, exclusive distributor of Kartell within Australia, had their 20th birthday during November 2014. To celebrate, Space hosted a series of workshops lead by Urquiola where she explored her unique approach to materials.

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