What's Trending in August

August 06, 2013
What's Trending in August

It's August and it's cold! So, irrespective of whether your sitting in your 1 bedroom apartment, reading this on the bus on the way home from work, or daydreaming at the office, it's time to close your eyes and imagine relaxing comfortably in front of an open fire, with a lovely glass of shiraz and the smell of a lamb roast permeating thoughout every room in your home.

A combination of style and comfort dominates your thoughts as you recline on your grey L shaped Jardan Empire Modular Sofa. Over your legs is a classic mowhair rug that's pulled up to your waist so that you've still got room to reach towards your MoorWood coffee table whereupon sits a half glass of Barossa Shiraz and a selection of hard and soft cheeses from your favourite deli down the street. Looking across towards your open fireplace you cast your eyes downwards to your Scandinavian reindeer skin from Great Dane furniture where your golden retriever (Sam) has taken up residence. To your left is a vintage 'Arabica' ottoman from Coco Republic and next to date your favourite Timothy Olton leather armchair which is made more comfortable by 2 plump missoni styled goosedown cushions. To your right you have your custom made Pash wishbone styled dining table and matching chairs. With a healthy incense from your favourite Diptyque Candle burning on the mantelpiece, the snow falling on the boardwalk outside and your favourite magazine open on your lap, it's hard not to smile to yourself as you sneak another slice of cheese, reach for your wine glass and relax.

It's fun to day dream isn't it...