Select The Right Wallpaper

July 21, 2014
Select The Right Wallpaper

Image above, wallpapers from left to right: Pickawall Rust Metal Wallpaper, Murrays Interiors Kemra Picture This Wallpaper, Murrays Interiors Mokum Charleston Pearls- Ebony, Pickawall Flinders Street Office Wallpaper, and Heritage Paint & Wallpaper Harlequin Orla Kiely Multi Stem Wallpaper.

You’re making the leap from paint to wallpaper and you’re finding out as much as you can about this beautiful interior feature that has literally spanned centuries of home design. Welcome to our top tips on how to select the right wallpaper for your room and walls.

Who is doing the work?

Before you select the perfect wallpaper for your home, it’s a good idea to start with this question – who is applying it? Wallpaper can be deceivingly intricate and challenging to apply, and indeed people overseas have made a profession/ art form of it (here in Australia this seems to be gathering a bit of a renaissance). If you are relying on a professional to do the job, then it’s pretty much carte blanche as to what type of paper you might choose. If however, this is to be a DIY project then unless you are gifted in all things craft, we would recommend erring on the side of caution and opting for removable wallpaper! That said there is now technology revolutionising the world of wallpaper – allowing it to be removed six or so weeks after application (when it is certainly completely dry).

So if mistakes are made, it’s not the end of the world (or the end of a great-looking room, more to the point!).

No need to build a brick wall - simply wallpaper it!

A stunning floral wallpaper perfect for creating a tranquil interior.

A paper for every room

Once you’ve decided who is applying the wallpaper, the next practical question to ask is – what room is being wallpapered? For example, if it’s the bathroom or the kitchen then you might want to focus on vinyl wallpaper, given it’s largely splash-proof. If it’s the lounge room, bedroom or formal dining room, then perhaps you’d prefer to consider a wallpaper with a richer texture and depth. Certain materials really do suit certain rooms, for pragmatic and aesthetic reasons, so it’s good to think about this early on in your selection.

The perfect texture look wallpaper for a formal dining room.

A pop of colour with a lovely black and white sketch.

What’s happening in this room?

What do you want from your wallpaper? Is it to become a stand-out, or should it play a more balanced role in harmony with the room’s other features? The only limit to the range of wallpaper is our imagination, which is to say that options are limitless! Busy, bold and/ or intensely coloured wallpapers can be positively incredible statements, but consider how they work with the overall package. Another thing to bear in mind here is the wallpaper’s life span. Are you happy to go with something wonderfully on-trend and potentially replace it down the track, or would you prefer something that can grow in harmony with the home and for longer term?

Perfect Inspiration for Childrens Bedrooms or Play Spaces.

What child wouldn't love their favourite cartoon character on their very own wall!

Near and far

It’s easy to get caught up in the detail of wallpaper and forget that it will be appreciated at close inspection as well as from a distance. Some designs can look dramatically different when viewed at long range compared to up-close, so if both perspectives are important to you, make sure you literally take a step back when you make your choice! Bear in mind also the size of the print versus the size of the room. Ideally you want to opt for something that can be repeated four or five times on the one wall, otherwise the artwork loses its impact and doesn’t make as much sense/have the sort of impact it was originally intended to.

Above image, a gorgeous alternative to tiles!

A gorgeous monochromatic solution for a dull room or nook in the house.

Playing tricks

Are you looking for wallpaper to suit an otherwise dark room? Are you short on windows and natural light in this particular space? Obviously you can opt for a lighter coloured wallpaper, but you can also actually now find light-reflecting wallpapers, which are a great way of bouncing light around a room and giving the impression (rightly so, in fact!) that it is rather well-lit. In a way, wallpaper is like the final layer to a beautiful room, so we hope these tips come in handy for you when making your ultimate wallpaper selection!

Striped Wallpaper can create an illusion of height (vertical stripes) or width (horizontal stripes).

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