Luxe To Less, Pendant Lighting

June 23, 2014
Luxe To Less, Pendant Lighting

When it comes to selecting your perfect statement piece lighting pendant, the options are wide and varied.

This can be sensational for some however, overwhelming for others.

How do you narrow your search down if you don’t know what style, colour or look you’re wanting to achieve?

It’s a good question.

One consideration that usually comes into play for most people renovating is budget.

As such, we have selected three pendant lights, suitable for three budget types and five design styles.

This way, everyone can achieve there desired look without compromising on style or budget.

Natural Timber

For those looking to create that outdoor feeling indoors, these natural timber pendant lights would make for a beautiful addition to your interior.

Timber Look Pendants

Geometric Metal

Geometric shapes and prints are trending everywhere right now and what better way to incorporate a fashionable statement than with one of these fantastic pendant lights.

Metal Gold Pendant Lights Luxe To LessVol2

Classic Black

Black never goes out of style and incorporating a classic dome shape, these pendant lights are timeless.

Dome Pendant Lights

Wire Chic

These striking wire pendant lights beam with character and would look equally at home in a modern penthouse or and industrial, edgy apartment.

Wire Pendant Lighting Luxe To Less Vol2

Art Deco

Either a room immersed in the history of Art Deco design, or one that's eclectic with a touch of several era's, these fine art deco drop pendants are a beutiful addition to any room.

Art Deco Pendant Lighting Luxe To lessVOl1A

Still haven't quite found what you are looking for?

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