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How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

August 25, 2015
How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

Man Cave. Your probably conjuring up ideas of a dingy basement filled with football paraphernalia, pizza boxes and grandad's old recliners. Well let me stop you right there. A Man Cave doesn’t have to be a room your wife/children/mother is afraid of, it should be a room that is comfortable yet appealing. A room for the man of the house to have his own personal space, relax with friends, watch the game and most importantly, be proud of. This space can be multi-functional - work as a study as well as a games room - or be purely for fun with a bar and BIG flat screen TV. Your space availability will play a big part on how extravagant your man cave can be - you may have access to the whole garage or maybe just be able to take over the spare room. Like any design, you’ll need to assess your needs first and then start designing from there. To get you started, we've come up with a few different types of Man Caves for inspiration.

rsz masculine interior design man cave

The Responsible Man Cave

The responsible Man Cave is a way of making a Man Cave out of an otherwise responsible area. Case in point: the study that’s secretly a Man Cave. You've furnished your “study” with a supportive office chair, sensible desk and adequate lighting to make working from home that much easier. Your computer and phone are hooked up and you've finally got a space you can work in peace. You've also installed a pinball table, recliner, bar fridge and extra chairs for all your mates. This is the perfect balance of work and life. A room that allows you hide away and finish that office presentation as well as challenge your mates to a 3 hour pinball tournament. After work bevies are a meter from your desk, cutting out on travel time, and your wall storage not only accommodates your monthly finance reports but also your entire comic collection. The responsible Man Cave is a space you can justify to the family, write off on taxes and boast about to your friends all at the same time.

Item's you'll need:

rsz masculine living room interior design man cave

Office or Man Cave? You decide.

A supportive Executive Office Chair provides great back support for intense playstation marathons

The Rustic Man Cave

The Rustic Man Cave is one of the stereo typically manliest of Man Caves. To create a rustic lodge feel you’ll need lots of timber. Timber walls, floors, tables, chairs, lighting…the possibilities are endless! Leather, checked fabric, wool fleece and even an animal hide will also enhance this lodge like feel. But what does one put in his rustic Man Cave? An incredibly comfy chair to begin with. A chesterfield recliner or cushy arm chair will do the trick. You’ll need a place to chat beer and deer with the boys so a big sofa and rustic coffee table based around a fireplace (or a TV with a fire on it maybe?) are key elements. A timber bar set up, complete with stools and some exposed bulb lighting will help set the scene along with a dart board and trophies. If you have a large space and really want to make your rustic Man Cave have that lodge by the lake feel, why not build in some bunk beds! Genius.

Item you'll need:

man cave design ideas animal stag leather chair

A Chesterfield armchair enhances that rustic lodge feel

The Sportsman's Man Cave

The Sportsman's Man Cave is probably the most popular Mancave going round. Whether you’re a football, soccer, basketball, hockey or racing fan, the Sportsman's Man Cave will cater to all your needs. A seriously big TV or projector screen is a must along with plenty of seating options. Your Sportsman's Man Cave will be the Friday night hotspot for all your sport fanatic friends so there needs to be enough comfortable lounges that are sturdy enough to handle a triumphant couch jump or frustrated cushion punch, as well as being beer spill resistant. Framed jerseys may adorn the walls along with a trusty clock to make sure you don’t miss a minute. A large bar fridge is usually a must and if space forbids it, a bar set up will be a fond favourite. Think about incorporating some group half time entertainment like a dart board, fooze ball, air hockey or ping pong table to keep the competitive atmosphere going. The Sportsmen's Man Cave can be very swish with chrome finishes, plenty of lighting, glass shelving, leather detailing and maybe even a touch of marble if the budget allows.

Item's you'll need:

rsz man cave sports

Keep the sports theme throughout your Man Cave with creative photographic wall art

The Gentlemen's Man Cave

Think exclusive bars, designer suits, fine whiskey and an open fire place. This sophisticated space is a retreat for the man who loves all things design, it should showcase his beloved possessions, whether it's wine, books, guitars or art. Choose stylish timeless pieces made from quality timbers and leather that will create points of distinction within the space. Wine racks and open built in bars are prefect way to showcase a mans style and taste. This Man Cave is all about quality over quantity, the room should be spacious but every item should be intentionally placed.

Items you'll need

rsz man cave with bar eames chair  2

A sophisticated Man Cave has leather detailing and mood lighting for after dinner cognac's

The Muscle Man Cave

Unleash your Alpha! If you spend your spare time lifting weights and researching the best protein shake recipes then the Muscle Man Cave is for you. This Man Cave is the perfect substitute for a hefty gym membership and can be as basic or extravagant as you wish. Start your Man Cave with a few vital pieces of gym equipment must haves like a decent weights machine, treadmill or exercise bike. Make sure you have an allocated area to stretch and if you like to mix up your training, why not incorporate a punching bag or small rock climbing wall! If you have a large budget, you can invest in a state of the art sound system to pump your rocky-esque work out tunes. Consider a bar fridge to keep water and protein bars cool as well as a place to store smaller gym equipment like elastics and medicine balls. A ceiling fan will be a sleek addition, however a pedestal fan can be just as effective. A shower area for post work out rinse downs is a wonderful luxury that everybody you share your house with is sure to appreciate!

Items you'll need:

rsz home gym man cave simple

The Muscle Man Cave promotes health and is the most cost effective transformation

The Shared Mancave

If your Man Cave has been banished from the house and you’re setting up shop in the garage, don’t worry. The Shared Man Cave is designed to share its zone and be space friendly and functional. A good way to define that this is your Man Cave and not just another part of the car port is to introduce something that sections off your area. A partition wall, folding screen or even a floor rug are great visual queues for defining spaces. Even decorating your area all in the same colour way can help structure your Man Cave. If you’re low on floor space than use your vertical space to you advantage by wall mounting the TV to eliminate the need for an entertainment unit, invest in a table that folds flat with the wall when not in use or chairs that can be hung or stacked. Dual purpose furniture will also be a great space saving idea. Sofa’s and ottomans that have hidden storage are becoming increasingly popular as well as coffee tables that have magazine racks or padded foot rests incorporated into their design. The Shared Man Cave should be a relaxing hide away that even though it may be parallel to your wife’s car, it still feels like a mans space.

Items you'll need:

rsz man cave motorbike fireplace modern industrial

This clean and crisp, neutral colour palette balances fresh whites and timbers making the tight shared space look seamless and airy. A clever solution for the Shared Man Cave!

Above all a Man Cave, should reflect the man who dwells within it, choose products that reflect your personal style and taste and the rest of the room will effortlessly come together.

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