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Selecting the right vinyl floor

May 26, 2014
Selecting the right vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring forms part of a group of products now widely referred to as ‘resilient flooring’. This term is used when talking about artificial composite flooring materials including linoleum, PVC, plastic, rubber and one of the most popular members of the family, Vinyl.

Why has the flooring industry turned to Vinyl?

Some synthetic flooring is perceived to contain chemicals that could be toxic to your wellbeing, or that of the environment. As global trends seek to find greater pro-environmental solutions, attention turned to Vinyl as a possible healthier flooring substitute.

Top tips for keeping Vinyl tippity-top

  • Avoid furniture with casters, and place protective pads under heavy pieces that might otherwise dent the surface
  • Avoid over-wetting Vinyl when cleaning
  • Don’t use a wax cleaner on a no-wax Vinyl surface – the coating will repel the wax and you’ll be left with a mess

Vinyl we love

We’re big fans of Vinyl that mimics nature – what a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in!

Pebbles In The Bathroom.

Pebbles and water go hand-in-hand so finishing a bathroom with a pebble surface is a sure way of taking your décor to the next level. Imagining also stepping out of the shower or bath and feeling those smooth river pebbles underfoot…

Vinyl Pebbles

Image above, Karndean Design Flooring, Galician Quartz Vinyl Flooring.

Mosaic In The En Suite.

Whether it’s earthy hues reminiscent of Portuguese laneways, or ultra-colourful designs readily found in places like Morocco, we can’t get enough of small spaces with big personality and impact.

Mosaic Vinyl Floor

Image above, Karndean Design Flooring, Adriatic Blue Vinyl Flooring.

Slate In The Kitchen.

Cool, sophisticated, granular – there’s a beautiful rippled texture to slate that just looks so confident and stylish in the kitchen.

Slate Vinyl Flooring

Image above, Karndean Design Flooring, Onyx Slate Black Vinyl Flooring.

Timber In The Living Room.

But not any timber, mind you. Perhaps a sophisticated walnut floorboard, or something that looks more like reclaimed timber complete with original features such as a factory’s individual marking. Very on-trend.

White vinyl flooring

Image above, Gerflor, Primetex Fisherman Washed.

Here’s why we think you’ll love Vinyl, too

  1. Vinyl creates a slight cushioning effect, making it a soft and less accident-prone surface for floors

  2. Vinyl is traditionally a more economical alternative to traditional flooring surfaces such as timber, concrete, tiles and marble

  3. It is possible to DIY Vinyl installation, thus saving further costs

  4. If laid correctly in the first place, then Vinyl needs little maintenance

  5. Vinyl is a cinch to clean. It is water resistant so bacteria can’t easily hide and fester, thus making this a hygienic flooring solution as well as a low-maintenance one

  6. You can lay Vinyl as tiles or in sheets (thus giving even more breadth of choice in terms of finishings)

  7. Vinyl comes in an incredible range of textures that mimic other flooring materials, and an equally diverse range of colours and patterns

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