The Cable Connection

May 13, 2014
The Cable Connection

The Cable Connection is located in Mulgrave, Melbourne and is a specialist Home Entertainment and Hi-Fi Store that delivers its products Australia wide. Mimo manages the day to day running of The Cable Connection, and has done so for the past 2 years, he is inspired by his son, David, who helps keep him grounded.

TCC Store Front

  • Image above, The Cable Connection shop front.

Leading a team of 5, the average day at TCC has the team dealing with dozens of phone calls and responding to 100+ emails, a great effort for a small business. As a ‘Bricks & Mortar’ business, TCC has displays and showrooms for virtually all of their products. Showcasing and demonstrating their large range of electronics, speakers, accessories and all things Hi-Fi and Home Theatre is a major part of each day.

TCC store

  • Image above, products on display at The Cable Connection

Explaining the differences and attributes of the range of products The Cable Connection sell is time consuming necessity; particularly in the home entertainment & Hi-Fi industry as there is so much information and misinformation that needs to be discussed.

Epsom Projector

  • The Cable Connection sell the Epson Wireless Home Cinema Projector.

Mimo and the TCC team have no favourite products in the range, all of their products have their own characteristics and ‘flavour’. Matching these characteristics requires knowledge and experience, which The Cable Connection team has plenty of! When it comes to naming the most popular product, the Sonos sound systems are a ‘no brainer’.


  • The Sonos Play 3- Black.

They are very easy to set up and even easier to use. Followed closely behind the Sonos system, Epson projectors are a very close 2nd; their products are well made and have an excellent range from entry-level to high-end, all are great value. What sets TCC apart from other Home Entertainment & Hi-Fi stores is that it is a relatively small but growing business.

All of their staff are dedicated and knowledgeable; not just sales people. In fact, no staff member at TCC has been employed based on their sales experience.

We look for something more at The Cable Connection.

Customer service and respect is the one thing we value most.


  • The Cable Connection 133" Fixed Projector Screen.

A renovation story that has stuck with Mimo is not one of his own but a customer who he helped out of a tough situation. He'd completely gutted his billiard room, ripped out all the plaster, built a bar in under the stairs and then replastered the entire room ready for his brand new cinema. He planned for everything...except for one little thing, he forgot about the cabling. Mimo got a call from a friend who was trying to help him out of his predicament, between the two of them they'd come to the realisation that the only way they were going to get speaker cables to all the corners of the room would be via the use of conduit (cable housing). The room was a downstairs basement; it had double brick walls and solid timber beams and noggins, from an installation point of view it was impenetrable.

Mimo was show the problem on arrival, and the purposed solution, needless to say it was a solution not fit for the quality of the room. He was not going to be happy to run conduit internally and ruin the aesthetics of the room. Not wanting to go near the conduit until Mimo had to, he went back inside and started cutting out the speaker holes in the ceiling. Once all 5 speaker holes had been cut out, Mimo grabbed a little LED torch and hammer drill and started to look around in the ceiling for an appropriate place to drill out to the outside wall.

That’s when it happened...

Mimo dropped his torch inside the ceiling cavity and it rolled to the edge of the ceiling where it dropped down in the gap between the ceiling and the cornice. Managing to reach his torch, Mimo realised that there was a gap between the ceiling and the cornice! Rather than drill through to the outside of the building he started running the cables behind the cornice! Resulting in no conduit being used and all cables hidden in the cornice! The moral of the story for all of you who are renovating is always run your cables before the plaster goes up.

Organising cabling at the framing stage is very cheap and a whole lot easier than trying to do it later. Run every cable you can think of, even if you may not use it straight away. It will save you a lot of heartache in the long run. Along with the advice above, The Cable Connection team would strongly encourage a potential customer to take their time and ask lots of questions when looking for Home Entertainment and Hi-Fi products.

Establish trust with the salesperson and always ask for a deal. If you can’t establish the trust it is time to move on. Shopping for a home entertainment or Hi-Fi system can be a tricky task; this decision will inevitably effect how you enjoy your music and video in your home for years to come. When it comes to home entertainment, customer’s needs are different depending on the room in question. Wireless solutions, such as Sonos, will make life easier in the long term; particularly for ‘whole house’ music distribution.

The cable connection store

  • Image above, Home Cinema products on display at The Cable Connection

For Home Cinema rooms consider these points:

  • Do you want speakers that are discrete and virtually disappear?
  • Are you after a BIG sound? This will require larger speakers
  • Can the room be darkened to accommodate a projector and screen
  • Budget. How much can you afford and stick to it

The Cable Connection Van

  • Image above, keep your eye out for The Cable Connection van!