Create Cosy Outdoor Winter Living

May 08, 2014
Create Cosy Outdoor Winter Living

Once winter settles in it’s all too tempting to batten down the hatches and hibernate.

Turn on the heating, open a bottle of red, get a casserole on the stove, and stay inside for three months straight…

Tempting but in the end a little boring, maybe?

We are big believers in making the most of the outdoors no matter what the season.

There are plenty of wonderful ways to cosy up outside and in fact use the outdoors to create one of the most enticing, relaxing spaces in your home (no matter what Mother Nature has planned!).

So let’s get cosy…

It’s not all about the mushroom

Al fresco dining in cold weather and mushroom heaters go hand-in-hand.

That is until outdoor heating strips arrived on the market, and we realised we had even more options for staying cosy out in the fresh.

These radiant heaters are designed to deliver comfort heating for undercover and exposed outdoor areas.

But what we think is the real stand-out feature is how stylish yet discreet the panels are; unlike mushroom heaters that can essentially take up the space of a seat, outdoor heating strips are literally that – strips of warmth that will keep bodies cosy and rooms uncluttered.

Lighten up

If there’s one sure-fire way to create a cosy outdoor space, it’s outdoor lighting.

Few things entice and beckon quite like a well-lit area.

These days your options are practically unlimited – decking lights, landscaping lights that showcase certain trees, shrubs or garden sculptures, bollards along garden paths, wall lights, fairy lights…

Goodness, you name it and the garden industry has not only thought of it; they've come up with plenty of options for it as well!

Outdoor Lighting

This meal is smoking!

Smoking is the next big thing, and these Kamado Cookers specialise in it, along with roasting, baking and bbqing!

Self-insulated and charcoal burning (environmental ticks) Kamados have excellent moisture retention, great natural BBQ flavours and deliver fat-free cooking (goodbye greasy fat trays).

Kamados will instantly make any outdoor space cosy, but they’re also real conversation-starters.

These little cookers look like they have personality-plus, which might seem an odd thing to say at first, but their squat, rounded shape and great colour range really do make them stand-out in such a charming way.

They’ll not only get the party started, they’ll keep it well fed! We want to be the first to invite mates over for a smoking feast!

Think exclusive ski resort

Visit some of the world’s most indulgent, exclusive ski resorts and what will you see in the middle of winter?

Guests in spas on balconies, soaking in the divine warmth of the water and surrounded by a freezing white fairyland.

OK, so not many of us have home views looking out to black diamond ski runs, but the concept is the same!

There simply is no better way to be outdoors in the middle of winter than being in the hot, relaxing water of a Signature Spa.

What we love about Signature Spas is there’s something for everyone – from two to eight people, from square to rectangular to round shape, as the name suggests, they have a spa that will work for your outdoor space.

Features include ergonomically designed seats, luxury hydrotherapy seats, interchangeable Jetpacks and a vast array of accessories.

You’re sure to feel like a celebrity on ‘winter vacation’ with one of these.

Don’t let it rain on your parade

So there’s plenty that can be done to warm up an outdoor space and make it cosylicious, but that can all go pear-shaped should the heavens open.

Retractable roof systems and outdoor roller blinds are the ultimate way to let it rain, without it raining on your parade!

What’s great here is that you’re not locked into the one look – when it’s not raining, then retract the cover and open up the space again.

Start your evening with a sky view, but quickly and effortlessly close it in when the weather starts to turn.

And the good news is these systems will come in oh-so handy over summer as well, when the sun and heat become so harsh that covering up is the only option.

Being Aussies some of us naturally love summer over winter, but we hope these ideas will inspire you to head outside and make the most of your entire home, no matter what the weather’s doing.

A warm spa on the deck, some lights around the nearby shrubs, meat in the smoker… Wow.

Who needs warm weather if winter’s going to look and feel this good?