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Introducing Creative Lighting

April 30, 2014
Introducing Creative Lighting

Lighting is the make or break element in your home. “Too often, lighting is an after-thought behind furnishings and colour schemes” says Jill Pool, lead lighting design consultant for Creative Lighting. “Lighting is the perfect solution to enhancing your home” she says. “The right lighting scheme can raise the value of a property by about 5 percent!” Jill Pool has been in the lighting industry for over 28 years. As the lead lighting design consultant at Creative Lighting, she has a wealth of knowledge she shares with her clients about lighting such as the space it can create or the mood it can introduce.

Jill is truly passionate about her job; “Meeting clients and solving their lighting problems is what drives me” she says. “A well designed bathroom lighting scheme can transform the space into an oasis of calm by the flick of a switch. Bedrooms can become intimate places where they once lacked soul.

Gardens can become alive at night, becoming an extension of the living area and an inviting place to look out on or entertain”. Creative Lighting has grown from a lighting showroom in Eltham to a leading independent lighting design consultancy in Melbourne. Sourcing their lights from across Australia, Asia and Europe, Creative Lighting has developed strong connections with lighting designers worldwide.

Jill works on projects commissioned by property developers and owners, architects, interior designers and landscape designers. Many projects completed by Creative Lighting have appeared in the media, particularly, on the extremely popular TV series, Grand Designs. When Jill met her now husband Damian, she somehow roped him into the lighting industry, sharing with him her passion for creating beautiful lighting design. “Damian inspires me every day” she says.

“He has been thrown into this industry and has just taken it all in his stride. He manages our accounts, wages and me! That in itself isn't an easy task!” In the past 8 years, Damian has become an expert on LED and garden lighting. With so many homes and businesses switching to LED lighting for its energy saving and cost saving technology, Damian is an indispensable part of the Creative Lighting team.

Samsung LED Downlights are the most popular product with Creative Lighting’s clients who are looking for a lighting fixture that is both functional and stylish. On a personal level, Jill loves European designed lighting. “It’s great quality and great design, manufactured to the highest standard”.

Samsung LED downlight

Creative Lighting, Samsung High Output LED Downlight.

Murano Pendant Light

Creative Lighting, Cascata Murano Glass Pendant.

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