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Photographic Glass Splashbacks

April 07, 2014
Photographic Glass Splashbacks

For me, the kitchen has always been the centre of the home. Growing up in an Italian-Australian household, my whole life has been in and out of the kitchen for some of the most amazing meals you wouldn’t even find in a 5 star restaurant. My grandmother has a particularly interesting kitchen that I love. Dark wood timber cabinets have been worn down by overuse, the brown floor tiles are cracked on the corners from standing too often and too long at the stove, and the countertops filled with objects from all over the world.

But what I love most about her kitchen is the crazy splashback above the stove. It’s a mismatch of colourful glass mosaic tiles that she had collected over the years. The colours and the way it has been put together is a true reflection of who my grandmother is; vibrant, in your face, caring, colourful and full of life.

It got me thinking, why do so many of us design a kitchen that is so sparse and often white, with no trace of our personality? For a room in which we spend so much of our time in, you’d think we would want ourselves stamped all over the place. So when I came across original photographic artworks printed onto glass by Visual Resource, I knew I had found the perfect solution to giving your kitchen that personal touch.

Visual Resource is a Melbourne based company who supplies Australia wide. Husband and wife duo Toni and Michael are fine art photographers who capture the most stunning photographs of our city, our landscape and beautiful watercolour and paint patterns. Their original artwork is then printed onto 6mm toughened safety glass which will not crack, fade, is waterproof and fire resistant. The beauty of the Visual Resources splashback is that they can be used anywhere…. As a kitchen splashback, as a bathroom splashback, as a laundry splashback or even a stunning piece of art.

Choosing an image from the Visual resource collection of prints will be the hardest part. Toni will customise the artwork for your exact specifications so no matter if your kitchen is big or small, you can have your very own piece of art in your home. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of YOU to your kitchen. Take a look at some amazing coloured glass splashbacks in homes across Australia for inspiration.

A Famous Melbourne Icon

Pellegrini’s restaurant in Melbourne is an institution. It is one of the most recognisable parts of the city and is loved by so many. This coloured glass splashback brings this kitchen to life. It is a very personal stamp in a very individual kitchen. But don’t be limited by the Melbourne cityscape; choose from beautiful images of Sydney and the Australian landscape too.

VisualResource Kitchen Splashback

Visual Resource Melbourne Coloured Glass Splashback, From $1,950.

The Red Brigade

Interestingly, this kitchen is stark white. But the stunning colours of the red coloured glass splashback make this kitchen so much more warm and inviting. You can choose from a range of colourful prints from blues, reds, purples, yellows, greens, oranges and pinks!

Visual Resource Coloured Red Glass Splashback

Visual Resource Red Printed Glass Splashback, From $1,950.

Green with Envy

I’m green with envy just looking at this kitchen! The watercolour print glass splashback gives this kitchen a new lease on life. Coupled with the beautiful deep timber, the green glass splashback is balanced beautifully in this kitchen. If you love the idea of a watercolour print splashback, but think this might be too bring, there are so many other more neutral and grey toned prints.

VR Kitchen   Giants Causeway  1

Visual Resource Custom Green Print Glass Splashback. From $1,950.

Up in Flames

Visual resource coloured glass splashbacks can even be used in your bathroom. They make a stunning splashback option for your bathroom vanity or even behind your bath.

VR Bathroom   abstract

Visual Resource VR Art Glass® Decorative Splashback, POA.

White & Bright

This modern home, finished in all white has been given a breath of fresh air with a piece of Visual Resource photographic glass printed artwork. The decorative glass artwork is the feature of the room, but not too overwhelming that you don’t notice the beautiful floorboards, plantation shutters and furniture.

Visual Resource Coloured Glass Art

Visual Resource Custom Decortaive Wall Artwork, From $800.

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