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The AGA Cooker

April 07, 2014
The AGA Cooker

The AGA cooker is a true icon.

Its history spans over 300 years, from the first cast iron cooking pot created at the AGA Foundry in Coalbrookdale, England to the new generation Total Control 5 Ovens.

An AGA is often a product you will only buy once in your lifetime.

“It is no secret that these cookers become the heart of the home, and it’s no surprise some people have had theirs for 50 years” says Michael Dawes, Store Manager for The AGA Shop Australia.

The AGA Shop Australia is a unique business that supplies AGA cookers, Rayburn stoves and Falcons to every corner of Australia from the big cities to the most rural areas.

“We have cookers in the middle of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth as well as some of the most remote areas of the country including Ivanhoe, NSW, Albany, WA, and even Norfolk Island” says Michael.

The AGA Shop Australia is located in Malvern, Melbourne, and their quaint showroom features an amazing working display of a range of AGA cookers .

“Every morning I get to use the traditional Heatstorage AGA we have in the showroom to make a coffee. There’s nothing better!” says Michael. “Drop by for a cup one day!”

A team of 6 staff look after sales, marketing, accounts and spare parts, making the AGA shop a relaxed and friendly place to visit.

Michael is your go to man for everything AGA.

From chatting with customers in the showroom to people all around Australia, Michael can help you choose the best AGA cooker for your lifestyle.

“I help coordinate the delivery and installation of the cookers, making sure our customers are looked after from the moment they decide to buy an AGA to the moment they cook their first meal” he says.

On a personal level, Michael’s favourite AGA is the Total Control 3 Oven Electric Cooker. “It’s the perfect combination” he says. “It cooks exactly the same as the original solid fuel AGA that was made in 1929. But it offers functions that allow it to be on all the time in the cooler months, adding a beautiful warmth and ambience to the room, as well as allowing you to isolate one oven or hot plate as needed in the warmer months”

aga tc3 pst t left door cutout

  • Above, AGA Total Control 3 Oven in stunning Pistachio, From $21,450.

Michael is passionate about working with people who take the time out to design and build their dream home without compromising on style and quality.

“I love working with a cooker that is an icon, that is progressive and that has a magnificent history. And I get to speak with people from around Australia who know exactly what they want for their home and kitchen, and that’s one of our iconic cookers”.

The AGA is like a classic screen beauty; think of Grace Kelly, Lauren Baccall or Elizabeth Taylor, with plenty of A-List friends in Hollywood.

Celebrities that love their AGA include:

Marco Pierre White

  • Chef Marco Pierre White

Jamie Oliver

  • Chef Jamie Oliver

Daisy Lowe

  • British model Daisy Lowe

Gerard Depardieu

  • French actor Gerard Depardieu

As you can tell, the AGA keeps high profile company. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to own an AGA though.

Michael and his team will take the time to talk to you about your renovation plans or kitchen needs and help you choose an AGA that’s right for you.

“We know that buying an AGA or Rayburn is an investment for a lifetime” he says. “It’s our job to make sure you get the perfect cooker”.

Australian’s love their AGA’s and depending on where they live, a different kind of AGA suits a different kind of lifestyle.

“In the city, the AGA Heatstorage cookers in gas or electric Total Control are popular” says Michael. But, in places where there is only access to electricity, bottles gas or wood, then the Rayburn stove is popular. Rayburn stoves are a fantastic option for those looking for a complete home heating solution, as well as hot water.

Rayburn 355 SFW 345W DB Cutout

  • The Rayburn Heatranger 345W Dark Blue, From $14,250.

Rayburn 200SFW 212 216 CRM Cutout

  • The Rayburn Cooker 200SFW Cream, From $10,978.

If you live in Melbourne, make sure you drop into the AGA showroom in Malvern.

Once a month, AGA runs cooking demonstrations where you not only get a great introduction to using your own AGA, but you can try all the amazing food!

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