Arena Bathroom Centre

March 19, 2014
Arena Bathroom Centre

The one thing that immediately strikes you when you walk into the Arena Bathroom Centre showroom is the choice. Arena Bathroom Centre in Preston, Melbourne is renowned within the industry for its amazing display of bathroom vanities, baths, basins, showers and toilets.

Black Acrylic freestanding bath

SI Black Acrylic Freestanding Bat.

As consumers, we love to have the ability to see a product in person. To see the colour, the material, the size and to get an idea of how it will look in our own homes helps with our purchase decisions. At Arena Bathroom Centre, they offer an amazing range of products and so much more. “If you compare us to the big retailers in our industry, our pricing is a lot more affordable and our products are of high quality” says Olivia Lin, the Manager of Arena Bathroom Centre.

Olivia has managed Arena Bathroom Centre for the past year and enjoys working with her talented team of three staff members. The challenge, Olivia says, is making sure that her and her team are always up to date and at the forefront of the latest product releases and what’s trending in the industry. “This industry is very challenging” Olivia says. “There is so much to know, and things are always changing”.

One thing that never changes is the popularity of the vanities on offer at Arena Bathroom Centre. “All of our vanities here are popular because we have so many available that can meet all of our customer’s needs” Olivia says. Olivia says that without a doubt, her favourite product to sell her customers is Nero Tapware. “It’s premium quality with modern design” she says. “My favourite product is their kitchen mixer, it’s very stylish”.

Nero Tapware Kitchen Sink Mixer

Nero Tapware Practical Kitchen Sink Mixer 2288.

Whilst Olivia and the team at Arena Bathroom Centre can offer you the best and most trusted advice on their products, they have one big tip which can save you time and money. “Make sure you talk to plumbers and installers before you purchase anything, because a product may not have a standard fitting”.

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