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Versaline Clotheslines

March 07, 2014
Versaline Clotheslines

Over the Christmas period, I recently moved into a brand new house, nestled in amongst the trees down by the local creek.

The backyard opens straight up onto the lush grass and native wildlife that surrounds the creek.

The house is brand spanking new, with beautiful floorboards, a state of the art kitchen, and a beautiful paved outdoor area.

After the big move in, I did my first load of washing and didn’t even realise that something very crucial was missing…a clothesline! It would have been easy to go out and buy a clotheshorse, but with my two younger brothers currently finishing high school and staying over every couple of days, there was no way a little clotheshorse would do!

The second issue that I stumbled across was that the backyard is quite small, with the paved entertaining area taking up most of the outdoor space.

I didn’t want a bulky, fold down clothesline that took up the entire fence of the home and I didn’t want to use a little clotheshorse either.

And then I remembered Versaline Clotheslines.

Versaline clotheslines are a completely unique and revolutionary clothesline by husband and wife duo Barry and Stephanie de Boer in Sydney, Australia.

Barry and Stephanie had a very similar problem to my own; they moved into their new house and found that they couldn’t find a clothesline that they could keep hidden in their outdoor entertaining area, but couldn’t find a clotheshorse that was big enough either.

So Barry used his 30 years’ experience as an engineer and just went ahead and created the perfect clothesline!

Versaline clotheslines can be made any length to maximise the outdoor space you have and discreet wall brackets allow your clothesline to be set up and then removed without a trace!

If you are pressed for space, Versaline clotheslines provide the perfect solution to naturally drying your clothes without using a clothes dryer.

Versaline Clotheslines can be made long enough and are strong enough to hold all your wet sheets too.

I chose the Broadline 6-line Clothesline; I installed the brackets on my fence and can now quickly hang my clothesline up when I need to use it, and take it down when I have my friends and family over for a BBQ.

The beauty of the Broadline is that it can be custom made to any length up to 5 metres which gives you 30 metres of hanging space!

And with 6 lines to hang my clothes and sheets, there is no need for an ugly clotheshorse.

I recently had my blinds installed and security doors fitted, but the most important addition to my new home has been the Versaline Clothesline.

The clothesline is often an afterthought, but is actually a crucial element in the finished home.

You can also choose from:

Slimline 4 Line Clothesline

The Slimline is a great choice for a narrow area such as the side of the house, or a smaller pergola as it features 4 lines. Just like the Broadline, the Slimline can be made up to 5 metres in length and offers 20 metres of hanging space!

Slimline Clothesline

Hook&Away Portable Clothesline

The Hook&Away Portable clothesline simply hooks onto any wall, balcony or fence with no fixing required. It is a great solution for those who live in an apartment or unit that only have a small balcony, or need to dry their clothes indoors!

Hook   Away Versaline clothesline

Traveller Clothesline

If you love to travel, then this is the clothesline for you. It can be attached to the side of your RV and then removed once you are on the move! It is strong enough to hold your sheets, and can also be used as an alternative indoor clothesline.

Traveller Versaline Clothesline

Pulley Clothesline & Up&Away Clothesline

These two clotheslines are great if you have a high ceiling outdoor area or home. Just simply pull on them to lift them higher to the warmer air!

Up Away Clothesline

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