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Modern Old English

March 03, 2014
Modern Old English

Old English Style to me conjures up images of interiors steeped in rich history, grandeur and scale, yet they capture an ambiance of intimacy and, a touch of, mystery.

When you type into your search engine “Old English Style Interiors” a myriad of imagery unfolds.

From rooms with dark mahogany ceiling panels, elaborate wallpapers in all variety of prints and colours, walls adorned with artworks of portraits of previous owners, intimate lighting, rich fabrics and upholstery to window treatments that drape just so.

However, scattered amongst these pictures seem to be the occasional image of a modern interpretation of this style.

Rooms that have literally been stripped back, paired down, and focus on perhaps one or two of the above mentioned treatments.

Think about what the common feature is in the imagery you are drawn to and ways in which you could incorporate that design look into your renovation.

By keeping this in mind, it will enable you to stay true to the style you ultimately want to achieve.

So, for those of you like me that love the idea of creating a room that has just a touch of Old English style then perhaps this more modern, refined interpretation is the look for you.

To me, this bathroom is the perfect balance of the two styles as it evokes a sense of charm and intimacy whilst still being very fresh, clean and modern.

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