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Fontaine Industries

February 21, 2014
Fontaine Industries

Fontaine Industries is your value driven bathroom shop based in Hallam, Melbourne. Operating for the past 3 years, Fontaine Industries stock a huge range of bathroom, kitchen and laundry products. Run by Managing Director James Lambadaridis, and consisting of seven dedicated staff, Fontaine Industries is a fresh face in the bathroom world.

An average day for James sees him managing all aspects of Fontaine Industries, from leading the team, strategic planning and even helping out on the sales floor. James gets a lot of satisfaction out of providing customers with stylish and affordable bathroom ware for a home renovation or new build.

James at Fontaine Industries
  • Image above, James left and another happy Fontaine Industries customer.

Fontaine Industries gets a lot of feedback directly from customers who want to create visual impact and practical function in their bathroom without going over budget, being able to provide this to for customers and receiving direct feedback hand makes all the teams work worthwhile. Fontaine Industries don’t normally receive this kind of genuine feedback from trade customers, as there isn’t the emotional connection with the product or project.

James finds inspiration from dealing directly with customers and the staff of Fontaine Industries, it is this first hand feedback and encounters that reinforce that Fontaine Industries has a great product that people love! Being able to satisfy customers is what personally motivates James the most, being completely aligned to the company objectives and core values makes waking up to go to work every day that little bit easier.

James’ favourite bathroom product currently is the Stonehenge vanity; it is a very popular vanity unit as it shows that Australians want to create visual impact in the bathroom whilst adding personality to their space.

stonehenge 900 stone top J 2021
  • Fontaine Industries, Stonehenge 900mm Vanity

However, the most popular product at Fontaine Industries is the Palazzo vanity; the large, modern 1500mm cabinet fits large twin ceramic counter basins comfortably.

palazzo vanity freestanding floor 1500 J20381
  • Fontaine Industries, Palazzo 1500mm Freestanding Vanity

With a selection of stone top colours and the choice of either wall mounted or freestanding cabinet, this unit can tick all the boxes for any customer. James has completed a range of renovation projects of his own, all have been challenging at some point during the renovation, some projects are more challenging than others but this is what makes renovating such a rewarding job.

Before joining this business, James felt firsthand that there was a lack of suppliers in the current marketplace for quality, affordable and stylish bathroom products. Fontaine Industries distinguishes themselves through a range of stylish and excellent quality bathroom products, coupled with competitive prices & superior value for money.

James also believes it is very important that management be directly involved and submerging completely within the business, allowing Fontaine Industries to keep their finger on the pulse. Being customer focused allows Fontaine Industries to act quickly to customer feedback and truly listen to customers changing and evolving needs.

Fontaine Bathrooms Receptionist
  • Fontiane Industries friendly receptionist Kerrie, helping another customer

Fontaine Industries Jeff
  • Another valuable Fontaine Industries staff member, Jeff, keeping stock levels in check!

James feels that when it comes to choosing bathroom products it is critical to find out exactly what the customer wants to achieve. Are they going to live in the house for many years or are they selling? This can determine how much personalisation the bathroom will have, keeping in mind that what might be perfect for you might not be for that potential buyer. What is your budget? Always set a budget; this can help you reduce the stress of renovating or building. How much space do you have to use and what function would you like this room to achieve?

It is important to create purpose in the room, reducing the size of your vanity might allow you to fit in a bath, adding more functionality and value for the bathroom, but if you don’t feel this room needs a bath, then perhaps a large double vanity or double shower could be more appropriate. To make the most of your time at Fontaine Industries James recommends planning out your room or allotted space, giving you a good idea of the style of product that will work in your project.

Search for that particular style within the specified dimensions. Keep an eye on the pricing to ensure you are able to purchase all the products within your budget and speak to the dedicated sales and customer service team that can give you the advice to make a confident decision.