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Crockers Paint & Wallpaper

February 03, 2014
Crockers Paint & Wallpaper

Crockers Paint & Wallpaper is a family run business based in Sydney.

They have three stores located in the surrounding areas and they have just recently launched their third store in Miranda.

Crockers Paint & Wallpaper is in the midst of being handed over to the third generation.

Firstly known as Krysler Paints since 1958 then owned by Alf Hayes (Sue Crocker’s father) it was taken over by Paul and Sue Crocker and run as Crockers Paint and Wallpaper with Tracey and her brother Shaun working in the business since the early 80’s.

Crockers Paints Team Member at Shop

Image above is the soon to retire (or semi-retire!) Paul and Sue Crocker.

Along with Tracey’s husband Murray and Shaun’s wife Nicole, all have roles within the business ranging from store managers, to rostering, to web design, marketing and office duties. The list goes on and involves everything to do with running a small family owned business.

Crockers Paints Team Members

Image above is the friendly team of Tracey, Shaun and Murray.

Paul and Sue are still an important part of Crockers Paint & Wallpaper, Tracey states that “We could never have been where we are today without them, and we welcome their input as they enjoy seeing us take the company one step further into the future of a highly competitive market.”

Tracey commenced working at Crockers Paint & Wallpaper officially since the age of 17, but chose to come on fulltime in 1989.

After being educated as a registered nurse, Tracey made the decision to work in the family business that was being run by Paul and Sue.

Since then, Crockers Paint & Wallpaper has grown substantially with 16 staff in between three stores and offices, the busiest store and showroom has four staff.

An average day at Crockers Paint & Wallpaper has the team answering customer inquiries both online and in store, serving customers, mixing paint, advising on wallpaper installation, ordering, receiving stock, rostering staff and modifying website.

Tracey feels that there is not enough hours in one day for all these tasks!

Tracey, her family and the team at Crockers Paint & Wallpaper enjoy that people come to them because they know the answers for their home projects and that they have a strong influence in the decorating industry for both retail and trade customers.

The Crockers team also enjoy the passion shared by the staff that has been built over time as a result of Crocker's loyal staff and customers.

Crockers keep the big sheds honest and enjoy the challenge they present to them as a small, independent, Australian owned business.

Tracey is inspired by successful people who continue to run their own business and keep the ‘hands on approach’ that got them to the position they are currently in.

Inspiration also comes from people who strive to continually learn and grow their knowledge, then use it as a platform for success.

Tracey also finds inspiration from small business owners who are still running successful businesses today, as she understands what they have gone through to achieve success.

Tracey’s favourite product from Crockers Paint & Wallpaper is the range of wallpaper.

Wallpaper gives what paint can’t, design and texture, despite some of the amazing paint colours Crockers Paint & Wallpaper has from its range of Kysler and Haymes paints, Tracey sees wallpaper as a luxury item that can now be purchased at an affordable price.

Blue Wallpaper

To view Wallpaper products from Crockers Paint & Wallpaper, like the above Teal & Silver Damask Wallpaper $59.95, please click HERE

Tracey recommends coming in to the store and to have a look through Crocker's wallpaper range first hand and talk with the staff about what wallpaper works for you.

Tracey has had some experience with DIY renovating, and can defiantly relate to the problems that many DIY renovators face despite having worked with these products through her life, “Myself and the staff do maintenance around our own homes like anyone else, yes, I have had masking tape take fresh paint off the wall, even when it isn't supposed to happen with a delicate tape! Yes, I have hung wallpaper too in my own home and so have many of our staff, that’s why we can advise you well on what to do and how to do it.”

Along with Wallpaper, paint is obviously one of Crockers Paint & Wallpaper's most popular products, specifically their own range Krysler Paints, made and manufactured in Australia.

Paint from Crockers

To view Paint products from Crockers Paint & Wallpaper, like the above Krysler Weathertuff Low Sheen 15 Lt bucket On SALE for $134.90 - WAS $159.90, please click HERE

Crockers Paint & Wallpaper distinguish themselves from other business through their specialised independent history.

Crockers Paint & Wallpaper are always thinking of ways to better themselves and the business.

“Thinking of ways we can do things rather than reasons we can’t. That’s why we have just opened a new warehouse at Miranda.”

The team at Crockers Paint & Wallpaper have great knowledge about what they stock and their point of difference is having small specialised items like spray paint and wallpapers in wide range of brands.

Crockers pride themselves on the great alliance with loyal suppliers…some partnerships have existed for over 30 years! Giving Crockers the confidence to supply customers with what they need. Their customers can have confidence in knowing the staff will assist them, affording them the time to help where they can.

Crockers Paint & Wallpaper can always be contacted either in store, online or on the phone.

Tracey has no secrets to share with her customers, just correct advice.

Customers need to tell the staff what they want to achieve with their project and the team will work through the steps with them.

You can browse Crockers products online, hower Tracey says that nothing beats coming in to the store, meeting the experienced team and seeing the products you are after, and taking away some samples to make a start on your project!

“The best advice to give is don’t cut corners and when all else fails read the instructions!" stats Tracey.

Crockers Paints Store

Crockers Paint & Wallpaper specialist store front, above.