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Take A Seat Furniture

February 19, 2014
Take A Seat Furniture

Take a Seat Furniture is a direct response to a forever changing consumer market. 15 years ago every Australian was investing in matching lounge suites. With multiple sofas and armchairs all constructed in the same style and upholstery to create a cohesive look throughout the living area. For most of us, this is no longer the case. Now we invest in a quality sofa piece and often pair it with interesting accent chairs that make their own statement. Uwe Bausch, owner and founder of Take A Seat Furniture, saw this need for interesting accent chairs and decided to give the public what they wanted.

Take a Seat specialises in quality accent chairs and occasional furniture as well as incredibly stylish and comfortable sofas, providing a lounge suite that you can customise to suit your style. Most of his furniture pieces are designed and made in Melbourne. They can be customised to a selection of fabrics and even the dimensions and form can be altered to make sure your furniture will be right at home in your living room. A brilliant concept that responds directly to what Australians are after.

Take a SEat Furniture  Furniture Exchange Carlucci Armchair

The eye catching and modern Carlucci Armchair - This sleek design is exclusive to Take A Seat Furniture and available in a range of fabrics

Chanelle Chair Take A Seat Furniture Furniture Exchange

Chanelle Chair - A design of grand proportions! Can be customised in a variety of designer upholstery fabrics

It’s no coincidence that Uwe was able to recognise this niche in the market, with over 25 years’ experience in the Furniture Industry, his understanding of functionality and trends is more than impressive. Before Take a Seat Furniture in Fairfield bloomed, Uwe owned and operated a successful upmarket leather furniture company which is where his knowledge and expertise was developed.

However, Uwe is not a one trick pony. As well as his exquisite chair and sofa range, Uwe has also designed and developed his own side table. The “Swing Side Table” is an innovative and highly functional design that is adaptable to almost any seating situation. The concept behind this design is simple: How often do you sit on the couch or in your favourite chair and need a hard surface to rest a cup of tea on, use as an impromptu dinner table or even position your laptop on? Coffee and lamp tables are too low and far away, rendering them impractical for this need.

The Swing Side Tables clever design means the base of the table slides under your couch arm so the table sits flush against the couch or chair. The table top is then adjustable to the height of your arm rest, allowing it to sit directly on top of the arm rest to provide optimal surface space. Not only is it adjustable, but the top can also swing around to make it easy to move and conform to your seating position. The ultimate side table design!

Swing Table Take A Seat Furniture Furniture Exchange

Swing Table - Designed by Uwe and exclusive to Take A Seat Furniture

The Swing Side Table has only been on the market since November 2013 and it’s already increasingly gaining popularity throughout Melbourne and Tasmanian. Not only popular for every room in the house (a Tasmanian couple recently bought 6 to use throughout their lounge, study and bedroom!) this design is also being commissioned for nursing homes and cafes due to its lightweight structure and easy to use functionality. Available in both Natural Victorian Ash Timber Veneer and a Black stained Victorian Ash Timber Veneer, this table compliments most existing colour schemes adding to its desirability.

Between Take A Seats large range of Melbourne made sofas and accent chairs and Uwe’s unique Swing table, Take a Seat Furniture is the perfect hub for creating your own unique living area.

The Urban 2.5 Seater Lounge Take A Seat Furniture Furniture Exchange

The Urban 2.5 Seater Sofa - Another beautiful lounge option

Denamrk Chair Take A Seat Furniture Furniture Exchange

The Denmark Chair - Available in a range of fabrics to suit your home perfectly

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