Slamp Pendant Lights

February 03, 2014
Slamp Pendant Lights

I’m in the market for new pendant lights at home. As always, there’s the checklist: interesting but not too out there, well priced but not cheap etc.

So I was pretty happy when I discovered Slamp. While Slamp has been putting out original lighting designs for 20 years, it’s the first time they’ve come across my radar.

My current favourite is the Goccia Pendant. Its got these gorgeous curvy lines, reminiscent of a droplet of water.

The Goccia also comes in a choice of white or a shiny, reflective metallic finish.


Da Voluce Lighting Studio, SLAMP Goccia Prisma Pendant, White

With its multi layered construction though its more interesting and less heavy than it would be if it was a solid pendant, particularly in the Jet Black colour.

slamp black pendant

Da Voluce Lighting Studio, SLAMP Goccia Black Pendant, Black

My favourite though is the Jet Black – glossy black finish, with contrasting inside.

And I can fit it with energy efficient LED globes, which is why I started looking for new lights in the beginning.

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