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Bosch 60cm 3 Zone Induction Cooktop

January 23, 2014
Bosch 60cm 3 Zone Induction Cooktop

The past few months of cooking have been very frustrating in my household, with our gas cooktop slowly dying, cooking on the stove became less and less appealing by the day.

The result of this frustration was the purchase of a new cooktop, specifically a 60cm 3 Zone Induction Cooktop (PIL615R14E) from Bosch.

The decision process for buying this Induction cooktop was drastically swayed after attending a cooking demonstration of current model induction cooktops; I was very impressed by what I saw at the demonstration but still had some questions about the differences between an electric ceramic cooktop Vs Induction.

To simply sum up this conversation, electric cooktops are slower to heat up and are far less responsive than induction cooktops.

My decision was made! Induction cooktop it is!

After looking as various brands and what models they had, I chose the Bosch 60cm 3 Zone Induction Cooktop (PIL615R14E) RRP $1,499.

This cooktop has 3 cooking zones which is more than enough for my households current needs.

The cooktop has touch controls which work great!

They are not overly sensitive that the slightest touch would trigger them, for me they require a soft to moderate touch which I prefer.

The automatic pan sensor is amazing!

If you use a smaller pan on one of the bigger zones you get a sense of how this technology works, as the area around the pan is cool to touch.

Please note, I tried this after a short time of cooking, due to the nature of the ceramic top, heat will slowly spread and this area may heat up. Please be careful when touching the induction zones.

This cooktop also has a built in child lock to stop small hands from switching the cooktop on, a residual heat indicator to warn you which areas are still hot from cooking and an automatic safety switch off function.

My first cooking experience on my Bosch 60cm 3 Zone Induction Cooktop (PIL615R14E) was frying some spring rolls for some guests.

I felt this would give me a true indication of how responsive induction technology is.

I read the cooking guide Bosch provides with the cooktop and it recommended a power level of 5-6, I selected 6, filled the pan with oil and within a minute or so the oil was ready.

While cooking, the induction technology really shined through, as the pan was too hot and began spluttering oil, I knocked it down to power setting 5 and just as you would experience with gas, the pan settled very quickly.

I have also trialed this cooktop with steaming items. I was very impressed with how fast it managed to heat up a pan of water and maintain an even simmer/boil.

A few things to note about upgrading to an induction cooktop:

  • Chances are you will need to upgrade your cookware, as induction technology uses a magnetic field to transfer heat. A simple way to test if your cookware is compatible is to place a magnet on the base; if it sticks your cookware will work on an induction cooktop.

  • Installation costs should be factored in, as I learnt, if you are replacing an existing gas cooktop you will require two or three trades to get the job done. One who can seal off the existing gas connection, an electrician to install the power source for the induction cooktop and a builder to fit the cooktop in to the existing spot on your benchtop. Most retailers can put you in touch with someone who can do all three. However, I'd recommend you shop around for a few quotes.

  • Look at a range of brands and models, specifically their key features and design elements, as not all induction cooktops are created equally.

  • Don’t just look for the cheapest or most expensive model, shop around for an induction cooktop that will meet your performance needs.

The Bosch 60cm 3 Zone Induction Cooktop (PIL615R14E) was a great choice for my household, I thoroughly enjoy cooking on it every time and cleaning my cooktop is as simple as spraying it with a window cleaning product and wiping it clean!

The biggest advantage I have noticed with my induction cooktop is the evenness that the pan is heated, this is due to the induction zones/burners that recognise the size of the pan and heat any part that is in contact with the zone, no more hot spots directly under the flame!

I would highly recommend this model to anyone who was considering upgrading to an induction cooktop.

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