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Linda Reed of Reedesign Kitchens

January 15, 2014
Linda Reed of Reedesign Kitchens

“Phil and I take an extremely hands on approach” says Linda Reed of Reedesign Kitchens.

“We design, measure, project manage, so any given day we would be doing one of these things!”

It is this hands-on approach that has made Phil and Linda Reed’s kitchen renovation business such a success.

Reedesign Kitchens are a small family based business in West Richmond, South Australia.

Both Linda and Phil have 50+ years combined experience in the kitchen renovation business, with Phil having the bulk of his experience in the industry as a cabinet maker.

Linda has no doubt about what sets her apart from her competitors; “It’s our price, quality and service.”

Being a small family run business with low overheads, Reedesign are able to pass on these saving to their customers.

“We believe customers are intelligent enough to understand they actually PAY for pretend gimmicks, ‘half price, ‘free installation’ ‘40% off if you buy now’” Linda says.

Backed by a team of professionals, Linda and Phil make sure that their clients can achieve the kitchen of the dreams, without the fuss.

If it is one thing Linda is extremely proud of, it is the service that she and Phil offer at Reedesign Kitchens.

“We understand a new kitchen is a major investment in your home and not one you need to be rushed or pushed into” Linda says.

“We communicate with our client every step of the way so you know exactly when things are scheduled”.

The most satisfying part of Linda’s job is seeing the delight and thanks of all their clients.

“We love that we can provide kitchens at a price that is affordable, without compromising on quality” she says.

An enduring favourite for Linda is Reedesigns classy and easy clean gloss doors with soft close doors and drawers.

“I also love our stunning seamless Infinity bench tops” she says.

The one and only secret Linda knows she needs to share with customers is that when you are contemplating a kitchen renovation, “seek experience”.

“By all means shop around and do some research- visit new homes, look through magazine, browse the internet and even attend open inspections, but contact Reedesigns with your kitchen ideas for the best service and experience in South Australia”.

Reedesign Kitchens Custom Made Glass Splashback Kitchen

Reedesign Kitchens Custom Made Red Splashback Kitchen

Reedesign Kitchens Seamless Benchtops

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