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A Bali Villa with an Aussie Touch

January 13, 2014
A Bali Villa with an Aussie Touch

Melburnian Zoe and her husband Jimi Paul were no strangers to Bali when they decided to relocate their home and Mister Zimi, their fashion label business to the island.

Zoe saw huge potential in a classic Balinese villa, and the couple made the purchase a year ago for a bargain price.

At the time, the villa was daggy, decked out in rather poor taste, and segmented into tight, impractical, small living areas.

Mister Zimi Bali Villa 7

  • Image above of the Bali Villa Zoe and Jimi bought.

In swept the Paul renovating team, complete with wrecking ball, and the villa was gutted, walls knocked out, a bedroom/bathroom and decking added, concrete floors polish and a whole new kitchen built.

Mister Zimi Bali Villa 3

  • Image above of the beautiful renovated bedroom.

Mister Zimi Bali Villa 5

  • Above image shows the gorgeous relaxing bathroom.

Zoe was adamant their home was to be easy open plan living.

In contrast to the Bali way of life, which is to make everything open-air (great for a one-week holiday, less ideal for long-term), Zoe wanted something with a little more enclosure.

The interior palette was kept clean with white and grey, and punches of personality were layered through colourful wall mural paintings, homewares and furniture.

Mister Zimi Bali Villa 4

  • Image above shows an example of one of the stunning, colourful wall murals.

Designing all the furniture from scratch – right down to fabrics and light fittings – was an incredibly creative journey for the duo.

In fact, one look at the Mister Zimi range and you can tell this home is cut from the same creative cloth – all that vibrant colour, positive personality and relaxed charm.

Zoe Paul Bali Villa 1

  • The newly renovated kitchen and lounge with all the sensational light fittings and furniture.

Aesthetics aside, Zoe was also adamant the home was to be kid-friendly. In fact, it was their baby daughter who inspired the move in the first place.

StepInsideBaliVilla JAN14 NRF

  • The Paul’s pool, above, is one of very few in the area that is fenced off

At the time Zoe and Jimi were living with their new baby in a very beautiful but quite child unfriendly home.

They were inspired to create an Australian holiday home rather than a villa that would be suitable for her and any other visiting tiny tots.

The space has since become a holiday rental with the Pauls now on the lookout for their next renovating dream job!

Zoe’s advice for renovating or building in Bali? Get ready for some hard work.

The overall process is not as cost-friendly as one might imagine, and micro management is imperative.

But one look at this holiday rental and there is no question it was all worthwhile.

To enquire about the Paul family’s holiday rental, contact: Zoe on or check out the website at

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