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Serenity Water Gardens

January 06, 2014
Serenity Water Gardens

The Australian backyard has for a long time now, been treated as an extension of our homes.

We give our lawns, our ‘neighbours be gone’ trees and our little herb gardens so much love and care.

So it makes sense, that also we give a lot of love and care into choosing the perfect deck, the perfect BBQ, the perfect pool (if you’re lucky enough!) and listening to the trickle of your perfect water feature to tie it all together.

Adam Keally, of Serenity Water Gardens in Klemzig, South Australia, has without a doubt, the best tip to help you choose the perfect water feature.

“See it running. See the water flow. Hear the water flow”. This idea stems from Adam’s love of Descartes, the 16th century French philosopher who wrote about examining all things through reason.

Adam has owned Serenity Water Gardens for just over 3 years.

With his team of 4 employees, Adam sets up his extensive display of water features, will show customers the best products for their needs and will deliver and install your water feature straight to your door.

It’s all a part of Adam’s philosophy that each and every one of us deserves our “own piece of serenity”.

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside on a warm summers evening, listening to the trickle of a beautiful water feature.

“A High level of customer service, our wholesale prices, our huge range of products and our commitment to giving you the best we can offer” is what Adam believes, set’s Serenity Water Gardens apart from his competitors.

If Adam had to choose a favourite water feature out of the hundreds he has on display, it would have to be ‘The Flintstones’.

“I like the way the asymmetrical shapes are stacked. It looks great from all sides and that it is so cleverly designed that it actually enhances and not obscures your view of your garden”.

Flinstones Water Feature

Serenity Water Gardens, Flinstones, Water Feature

Adam has found though, that his customers have gravitated towards the ‘Triple Panel Marble Stick’ Water Feature.

It’s sleek and slimline modern design makes it the perfect feature for a modern outdoor setting.

Triple Stack Water Feature

Serenity Water Gardens, Triple Panel Marble Stick

If you really want to make buying water feature a whole lot easier, Adam offers this advice.

“Have us email you our full catalogue. The catalogue has colour images, dimensions, materials and even pricing. Measure the area where you want to place the feature to make sure it will work there. Then the most important thing; come down to our shop to see it and hear it running”.

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