Removable Wallpaper

December 23, 2013
Removable Wallpaper

I had recently returned from my overseas adventures and decided to settle back in Australia. Renovating and property has been a passion of mine for some time and I was lucky to be introduced to Pickawall through my new job.

pickawall hbp01

An Australian company which has been the leader in large format printing for more than 10 years, their passion for printing on all types of fabric and vinyl products has helped them design one of the best removable wallpaper products on the market today. I have always been a fan of feature walls. They can define a room, set a mood or act as an extra piece of art.

The fact that I still am yet to settle into a long term property, means that it is impossible to use traditional wallpapers or other fixed products in my flat. Pickawall has opened up a whole world of possibilities for me being able to transfer my images from room to room or home to home.

My first Pickawall piece was one of my favorite photos, of my mates and I, from my first year in Europe. The team with a huge assistance from Brodie, helped me mirror, flip and get the piece to the perfect size for what I wanted.........I know one thing, it will not be my last.

The great thing about Pickawall also is if you don't have a photo of your own, you can choose from literally thousands of images from their extensive photo library.

la dolce vita room

Anything from something fun and playful for the children's room.

Bike insitu

A nice landscape for the loungeroom.

Japanese Pickawall Garden

A calming and inviting botanical theme image for the bedroom.

Whatever your style, and for any room, Pickawall have a terrific solution for your tired walls!

To view all of Pickawalls products, please click HERE

Thanks Pickawall!

Article by Luke Oswin

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