LED Showers

December 12, 2013
LED Showers

LED Shower Change

If you’re looking for a great way to bring a sense of fun into a kids, or for that matter a big kids, bathroom while still keeping things stylish, here’s a great idea courtesy of my good friend Emma – install an LED colour changing showerhead!

Emma’s home is Manhattan – black glossy paint, loads of marble, a very restrained palette of greys, blacks and white.

But with two fun and energetic boys she also wanted a few surprises and things to make them smile.

Cue the boys bathroom.

Sharing the same monochromatic colour palette as the rest of the house, the boys bathroom is spectacular but it's not until you turn on the shower that it really holds your attention!

The shower heads light up with bright blue LED lights.

Cycling through the RGB colour cycle – the lights go from blue to green to yellow through the whole colour spectrum, lighting up the bathroom and the water.

Other than the obvious benefit of making you smile, there are also suggested links to Chromotherapy or, Colour Therapy, and what some people believe are the physical and mental benefits that come from being exposed to the colour spectrum.

While a showerhead with LED lights might cost a bit more than your average rubber ducky, it's something I can see kids, big ones included, enjoying and benefiting from for a long time.

Tap Tub LED Shower

Bossini LED Shower Head

Bossini Dream LED

LED Shower Change

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