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Customise Your Perfect Kitchen

November 18, 2013
Customise Your Perfect Kitchen

Planning your dream kitchen renovation or build? Let RenoExchange help to get the ball rolling with these basic tips and tricks to get you started on customising the perfect kitchen for you. If you are looking for a completely innovative and custom design, choosing a custom kitchen specialist might be the best option for you. RenoExchange features fantastic retailers in each state who can help you design the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.


The kitchen budget is perhaps one of the most important but often overlooked or misguided aspects of the kitchen renovation. Kitchen budgets can be blown out of proportion if you haven’t really sat down and worked out the nuts and bolts of what’s needed and what’s not.
Many people will often go out and spend their entire kitchen budget on high end appliances, leaving little left over for their cabinetry and vice versa. A custom kitchen specialist can help you set a budget for your kitchen renovation or build, and to stick to it.

budget for renovations

Style & Design

When thinking about the style and design of your kitchen, it is important to think about how you will use it. Are you the type of couple or family that likes to have breakfast on the countertop? Maybe an island bench is the best option for you. If you are restricted by space or your kitchen acts as a walk way through the house, then a galley style kitchen might be the best option. Whatever your needs, a custom kitchen specialist can assist you in designing the best space for your needs. Architects, interior designer and builders will be able to see through your initial plan and make sure it fulfills all your requirements.

Kitchen Plan Designs for Custom Kitchens


From the cabinetry to the appliances these finishing touches will be the icing on top of the completed kitchen cake. The cabinetry you decide on should be stylish yet practical and functional. The ability to customise the height, depth and style of your cabinetry is one of the luxuries of choosing to custom design your kitchen. Bench tops should complement your cabinetry in terms of colour and finish. Appliances should be chosen whilst in the design process so as to make sure they fit into all the cabinetry and designated space. This of course, can all be taken care of with the help of a custom kitchen specialist, who can understand the wants and needs of their clients.

Kitchen Finishes

Retailer Locations

If you are looking to customise your kitchen, House of Home has an amazing selection of retailers statewide that will be on hand to help from concept to completion.

New South Wales Custom Kitchen retailers

Queensland Custom Kitchen retailers

Western Australia Custom Kitchen reatilers

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