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Decorative Walls 

November 13, 2013
Decorative Walls

One of the terrific benefits of working at RenoExchange is that we get to see so many amazing products for building and renovating!

It takes me back to the days when I was at university working in a clothes retail store. Every time the new season’s range would come in – my pay would be spent before the end of a shift!

The difference with RenoExchange is that I’d need a dozen homes for all the products I love!

One such product that really caught my eye this week is stocked by Feature Stone Oz.

Feature Stone Oz are a premier importer of manufactured stone products, including the bestselling Craft Stone range. However, it’s not stone that made my heart skip a beat!

It’s a product called Wall Flats™ from Inhabit® that are lightweight dimensional wall tiles that work together through an automatic pattern repeat to create large-scale dimensional walls of any size and shape.

Wall Flats™ work in multiples to create a continuous, never-ending sculptural wall.

The wall panels are moulded from bagasse, one of the world's most renewable resources that are both durable, biodegradable and an environmentally friendly product.

Wall Flats™ can be easily installed, trimmed and painted with commonly available products and tools. So, not only does it mean there are amazing, endless, patterns to choose from but, they can be easily painted in any colour available to suit any interior decor and scheme!

Furthermore, any off-cuts and scraps of Wall Flats™ are biodegradable and therefore can be recycled with other paper products or, even composted.

Wall Flats™ have no chemical fillers, plastics and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

They easily nest inside each other to create low volume cartons and easily ship with common small parcel carriers.

Wall Flats™ come in individual tile sizes of 450mmx450mm and 500mmx500mm.

They are sold in boxes of x10 tiles and price starts from $120.00 per box.

10 tiles will cover approximately 2.5 square meters.

Now, it’s just a matter of working out which one of my twelve dream homes Wall Flats™ would work best in!

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To find out more about Wall Flats™ and to view other products stocked by Feature Stone Oz, please click HERE

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