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Pash Furniture & Homewares

August 05, 2013
Pash Furniture & Homewares

It’s encouraging that, in recent years, there has been a renewed interest from Australian consumers in buying locally made products. In some industries the ‘Made in Australia’ tag is increasingly hard to find. For those of you on the hunt for new furniture, be it a new addition to a single room or complete furnishings for a whole house, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when walking into Pash Furniture in Fitzroy.

Pash feature a huge number of quality pieces including sofas, dining tables, bedding, chairs, armchairs and entertainment units that are, in many cases, designed and made right here in Melbourne by skilled local craftsmen.

Locally made, low volume pieces give the buyer the opportunity to own a piece that is made to exacting standards, often to their own specification. It’s also near impossible that you’ll drop by your neighbor’s house for a coffee and see that very same buffet you so proudly purchased. The available options range from timber stains to fabric and leather upholstery choices in abundance. Want the perfect feature chair for your living room? Easy. Drop in and see the staff and they will consult with you on the desired outcome, guiding you through the process until you have exactly what you want. A unique piece of custom furniture you’ll be proud to own for many years to come.

Pash also have ready to own items in their showroom, located just minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Drop in and take advantage of their vast experience, keen eye and excellent personalized service.

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