Australian Double Glazing

November 13, 2013
Australian Double Glazing

Based in Eltham, Australian Double Glazing employs 10 people in their showroom to provide you with the expert advice needed to find the windows and doors that best match your needs.

Leith Robertson is the Sales & Marketing Manager of Australian Double Glazing, and has worked there for over 12 months. Australian Double Glazing has some of the most experienced people in this industry working for them and Leith can confidently say that one of Australian Double Glazing’s installers has personally installed more UPVC double glazed windows in Australian homes than any other individual.

An average day at work for Australian Double Glazing involves a lot of managing, researching, quoting, business development, etc but the most important part of their day is being able to go out to meet potential customers in their homes to talk about Australian Double Glazing windows and doors and how they can solve the issue they are having in their home.

For many customers before they had found Australian Double Glazing, they had even considered moving house – the primary reasons being;

  • needing to reduce invasive traffic or neighbourhood noise,
  • keeping their home warmer in winter or cooler in summer
  • trying to stop hot and cold drafts through the house,
  • increasing security,
  • wanting to become more GREEN and sustainable for the environment (stopping those black balloons),
  • stopping the amount of maintenance required on their home or simply;
  • they were looking to improve the aesthetics of their home.

The most enjoyable part of Leith’s job is being able to get out and have a friendly chat with customers about how Australian Double Glazing can solve their problems – and even more enjoyable is generally just the conversation, biscuits and coffee that generally comes with it!

Leith is adamant that he has had some of the most amazing coffee inside customer’s homes; better than any café you’ll go to – about 6 months back Leith had “proper” Turkish coffee in a clients home, which was beautiful… until he got to the bottom third - note to anyone who hasn’t ever tried Turkish coffee, you don’t eat the sediment!

Inspiration can come from a varying range of sources; Leith has found inspiration from his 18 month old child.

“My 18 month old baby boy inspires me every day of his life – like all children, his ability to grow and learn at such a rapid pace is amazing – I can see him in front of me encounter a new experience or problem and physically watch as he works out how to overcome that obstacle. It really drives home, that we are all capable of overcoming anything, if we put our mind to it.”

Of all the products Australian Double Glazing produce, Leith’s personal favourite product is the Light Oak uPVC Awning (or Top Hung Casement) Window. Australian Double Glazing’s Light Oak finish looks exactly like a stained wooden window, but doesn't ever require any staining and is practically maintenance free (you just need to keep it clean with warm soapy water). Most people who come into Australian Double Glazing’s showroom generally don’t even realise they are looking at uPVC as opposed to wood. The features and operation of this window are also fantastic, it has friction stay hinges which give the window an opening both top and bottom as well as the ability to be opened right out, so customers are provided with far better air flow (especially in comparison with older wind out systems) and offer the ability to easily exit the window in case of fire. Additionally, it has twin compression seals on both sash and frame and multi-point and multi-directional locks so that when sealed there is zero air-leakage and no drafts or noise can enter around the window (also extremely secure) the other smart improvement is a highly secure secondary locking point so the window can be locked in an open position but remain crim safe.

Light Oak uPVC Awning Window

Following on with product based questions, Leith told RenoExchange that the tilt & turn window is one of Australian Double Glazing’s most popular products, it has been a favourite in Europe for many years and is becoming the same now in Australia.

This versatile style is easy to operate, secure and gives fantastic design options for the modern Australian home. The tilt position allows for secure ventilation, whilst the turn facility allows customers to clean the window from the inside and benefit from increased air flow.

Tilt and Turn Timber look windows

We asked Leith if he had any personal renovation stories he would like to share, whilst he didn't have any of his own he did share with RenoExchange one customers experience after installing a range of Australian Double Glazing’s windows.

“We recently installed a range of windows and doors in Bright, Victoria. On the very next day, after finishing installation, we received a call from the home-owner, saying they had just experienced a sub zero temperature overnight and had woken up to a house comfortably sitting at 16 degrees – the heat was sustained from the heater being on the previous evening before they switched it off and went to bed. Suffice to say they were very happy little vegemite’s!”

Australian Double Glazing offers the most thermally efficient windows and doors available in the industry. The product was released in 2012 after more than $26,000,000.00 of investment and 6 years of advanced research and development. The manufacturer claims a 60% reduction in the carbon footprint in comparison to other extrusion companies in Europe.

Australian Double Glazing understands that every customer has different needs and requirements, which is why they offer a free no obligation service to come out and go through those options with customers.

The only real secret or advice Leith can provide customers in relation to double glazing and this industry is that, not all double glazing is the same - in fact there are major differences between some of the products, in some cases "it’s like comparing the performance of a billy cart to a race car."

Australian Double Glazing believes that the only effective way to shop for this type of product is to have one of their representative’s come out and visit your property, this allows Australian Double Glazing to work out not only what is the best window or door for your property, but also to try and work out the most affordable way for this to be done.