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Sleek Kitchen Design

November 01, 2013
Sleek Kitchen Design

Image Credit - Nicholas White Photography - Perth

Nick and Diana started their renovation a week before the birth of their second son.

In hindsight, Diana thought it was pretty ideal timing. He obviously wasn't old enough to get into mischief once the reno was in full swing, and he was considerate enough to sleep through a jackhammer, so really things worked out well. She would have preferred access to running water for the first three months of his life, as well as a meal that wasn’t found in a take-away container, but such is your lot when you launch into a major reno of this scale.

Diana admits she probably didn’t realise the full extent of the project until it was underway. A speech pathologist with a publishing company that specialises in teaching texts, Diana confesses that the planning stage was perhaps more challenging than the reno itself.

Her husband Nick, a semi-retired commercial photographer, was the one who found the house. He immediately recognised “how to dress it up” – he saw the angles, space and lighting and knew just what could be achieved. Yet his creative vision was a work-in-progress. Diana remembers night after night of drafts and eager challenges for her to spot the difference between yesterday’s version and today’s. It was a constant stream of floor plan upon floor plan and Nick was determined to realise a beautiful space that was also comfortably utilised. In Nick’s mind, it was all about getting the floor plan spot on.

After a long struggle with their local council, plans were finally approved. Some 26 months later, and they are nearing completion of phase one – downstairs (according to Diana, upstairs will be ‘less aggressive’). This renovation stage has been nothing short of colossal. Most walls on ground floor were ripped out, leaving what was essentially a totally gutted area. Steel beams and glass work to divide a huge kitchen and entertainment area which is then flanked by two separate living spaces – one designed with the couple’s 13 year old son in mind, the other for raising a baby. Nick wanted to provide a degree of privacy and sense of his own space to their eldest son, but still feel connected as a family, and glass provided the answer.
Aside from the living and entertainment spaces, downstairs is also home to a laundry and some back-end storage areas.

The aim for downstairs was to allocate as much space as possible to the kitchen. It needed to be a well-organised area and the couple laboured over where to place which drawers. For Diana, it was all about making a decision and sticking with it. For Nick, it was all about minimising mistakes by thinking through every possible angle. Once, twice, more likely thrice.
Nick was adamant they were not to compromise and in most cases, they stayed true to this intent.

A social family, Diana and Nick wanted an area in which they could create meals whilst friends comfortably sat, watched, drank, nibbled and chatted. Concertina doors and full-opening windows spilling out to an expansive outdoor entertainment (which includes its own al fresco dishwasher, kitchen area and bbq) meant that the house pretty much had the same guest capacity as a small events reception venue.

You can just tell – Nick and Diana’s is where all the friends choose to gravitate.

And why wouldn’t they, with a space this incredible.

Kitchen 01

Image Credit - Nicholas White Photography - Perth

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Diana and Nick’s top renovating recommendations:

  • Floor plan is king (Nick)
  • Planning is imperative – try to think through as much as possible before work gets underway
  • Accept that this will be a challenge. Accept that it will be over budget. Accept that complications will be part of the process. Enjoy the end.
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