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Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems from Ellems Centravac

October 01, 2013
Volta Ducted Vacuum Systems from Ellems Centravac

John Ellem has become part of the furniture at Ellem’s Centravac, having worked at the company as the owner manager for over 22 years.

Ellem’s Centravac is an all Australian company and a distributor for top quality VOLTA Centravac Ducted Vacuuming Systems.

Ducted vacuuming has seen an enormous rise in popularity over recent years, thanks to the many levels of convenience that comes with owning one of these systems.

Why Buy A Ducted Vacuum System?

Customer demands are moving towards quieter, low maintenance and unencumbered systems and these are all benefits that come with owning a ducted vacuuming system. However, many people are unfamiliar with Ducted Vacuum System and John, who has worked with them for over two decades, is the perfect man to communicate the values of a VOLTA Centravac Ducted Vacuuming System.

John Ellem

As the owner and manager of Ellem’s Centravac, John’s days are varied and often challenging.

John employs five staff to help with a range of responsibilities from designing, quoting, dispatching and completing ducted vacuuming systems orders. Having worked in the industry for so long, John is clearly passionate about what he does.

“Every job is different and our goal is to ensure that we always have a happy customer”, commented John.

John draws his inspiration and motivation from the happy customers that Ellem’s Centravac service. With so much experience on the job, he has no shortage of good stories that come with the territory.

“There’s nothing like being called out for a service, first asking all the appropriate questions and getting answers, only to find on arrival that the lead was not plugged into the power point!"

John believes Ellems Centravac’s honesty and integrity are factors that set them apart from their competitors. Rather than selling the customer the most expensive system, Ellems Centravac aim to supply a system that is perfect for their home.

“Our operation, and all our agents, strive to and insist on selling only the appropriate sized machine for the job. We know that this means a happy customer and a trouble free machine”. This philosophy is imperative to John’s belief that customers should “never give into pressure selling”.

Ellems Centravac Accessories

What Is The Cost Of A Ducted Vacuum System?

Shopping for a Ducted Vacuuming System can be a complicated and daunting concept and John is happy to provide some helpful advice when it comes to choosing the right system for you.

“For the ducted vacuum – design the job by locating where to install the inlets, ensuring that the hose will reach each point easily. Calculate the total metres of rigid PVC vacuum pipe to connect to all these inlets. Once you have done this, we can help you choose the appropriate motor unit and that way the system will be balanced and work brilliantly”.

Discover why VOLTA Centravac Ducted Vacuuming Systems are the best vacuum for allergies.

See the full range of VOLTA Centravac Ducted Vacuuming Systems that John and his team have for sale at Ellems Centravac.

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