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Wall Mounted Inverter Reverse Cycle

October 01, 2013
Wall Mounted Inverter Reverse Cycle

Whisper quiet and top quality craftsmanship, Fujitsu reverse cycle units are a sort after choice for many home owners who want to purchase a reliable system.

I have made this choice and have not looked back.

The selection of this unit was based on its cooling capacity, as the house has ducted heating and was not a major requirement for this unit to be able to handle the heating needs of the home.

Situated in the living room/kitchen area, approximately 53m2 in size, this unit provides a much needed escape from the heat during the warmer months and during the colder months provides a great alternative heat source to ducted heating.

The cooling function is very effective, with a high fan setting; the air conditioner cools a large room in a short time.

For optimal use, I have found the high fan setting is best used in short bursts, and a low or economical mode setting keeps the room at optimal temperature throughout the day when the heat is at its worst.

Heating is best used on a medium fan setting for longer periods of time, but I have found that a low setting is still very effective at maintaining the heat throughout the day.

Overall, this air-conditioner is of very high quality, as you would expect to find when purchasing such a reputable brand as Fujitsu. The wall mounted unit with its whisper quiet fan speeds make for a very pleasant environment, even when sitting outside near the units installation. Its cooling function is outstanding, as with its heating, making this unit well worth its purchase price.

Overall, I've found the Fujitsu Wall Mounted Inverter Reverse Cycle System (ASTG24LFCC) far exceed my high expectations and would have no hesitation in recommending it for an area similar in size to my own space.

Product Specifications

Fujitsu Wall Mounted Inverter Reverse Cycle System

Model Number: ASTG24LFCC

Key Features:

  • 7.1kW Cooling
  • 2 Star Cooling
  • 8KW Heating
  • 2.5 Star Heating

Dimensions of Inside Unit: 320mm × 998mm × 238mm

Dimensions of Outside Unit: 620mm × 790mm × 290mm

DC Rotary compressor

Room size of 56m2 to 65m2: Suits a power range 6.5KW to 7.4KW

Room size of 66m2 to 80m2: Suits a power range of 8KW

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